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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Which Motorcycles Do Thieves Want?

Continuing on yesterday’s comments on the top and bottom cities for crashes and thefts, I found this article from Progressive regarding the top and bottom five models of motorcycles stolen and crashed.

Interestingly enough, the top five motorcycles to be stolen are sport motorcycles or crotch rockets. The bottom five are cruisers.

Only one Harley makes the list and it’s in the bottom five to be crashed. While my V-Star is least “likely” to be stolen, my Fatboy makes it higher on the list…but not at the top.

I'd like to find the full list just to see where I rank.

At any rate, the same common sense things apply…do all you can do to discourage thieves. If they want it bad enough, they’ll get it. You’ll just want to give as much of a fight as you can. This isn’t about a piece of machinery; it’s an extension of our personalities!

Keep the shiny side up!

~The Rainbow Wahine


KT Did said...

I just got back from No. California and talked with a guy there who rides a Fatboy...Said 12 bikes were stolen in Alameda on Thanksgiving alone. Pays to have a garage and now a good alarm on the bike...unfortunately.

Gymi said...

It's funny that the most stolen and most crashed list is the same, just a different order. Maybe it's because the thieves are crashing the bikes they just stole as they try to make their getaway;)

Christine said...

It's all about a lack of respect. Heck, the thief didn't pay for the property, so they want to tear it up. Sigh. We all pay for it in the end...our insurance rates go up :-(.