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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

If Its Sandy, Its a Boy

Rumor has it that a new member has a new V-Star Silverado…..

Only details are is that the member is a “she”, has been at the last couple of meetings, is a new Mountain Shadow Rider and the bike came from Apex . Using a highly scientific evaluation method, I’m guessing it’s Sandy.

She had mentioned she was looking, rides a Virago, and just had her bike serviced at Apex. Just had it painted too…but when does having service and a new paint job ever stop anyone from getting a new bike?? Especially someone that I think is crazier than me.

If it is Sandy, I wonder what she is going to name her new motorcycle. Her Virago is named BOB (for Battery Operated Boyfriend…you go girl). So hmmm…BOB Jr or BOB 2???? Ha ha ha.

And I’m praying for 60 feet of snow. Heck this woman rode out last month with snow on the ground to show off her new paint job…she’s ride in 60 feet of snow to show off the new addition!

Not really, Sandy, I hope you have a clear weekend.....

If it’s not Sandy, could you please show your face???

Keep the Shiny Side Up!

~The Rainbow Wahine

1 comment:

Christine said... an e-mail from's not her....back to the drawing board :-).