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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Sandy’s Got a New Boyfriend

It’s been a busy new bike season already. The amount of traffic at Rocky Mountain Cycle Plaza was unbelievable!!

Sandy gets to the Open House later in the day. As she is walking up to our group, she starts yelling at me “Christine, come here”! Of course, in my usual clueless self, I’m going “what, what”. She finally drags me out to of the group and shows me a new motorcycle—a beautiful bronze Honda Shadow 1100!!


Sandy has a new motorcycle after all!!! Ha ha ha. All the talk about waiting until Spring. She waited until spring—just this spring not next!!

What a great looking bike with smoke flames! We oooohed and aahhhhed over it like a bunch of excited little girls!! Name is to be determined at this point.

Is there something wrong when we ho-hum over a new boyfriend but get all crazy over a new motorcycle!?!?!?!

I’m thrilled for her! Her new scoot has a windshield too!!

Sigh, new motorcycles all around! Karla had a couple of new ladies interested in her bike!! I did look up the MSRP on a certain yellow Road King yesterday. Yes, it’s the same bike I fell in love on Friday…not knowing that the bike had already caused Karla’s heart to stop beating. I really think the bike is wonderful and the yellow is gorgeous. Karla’s favorite color is yellow so I’m breaking off the yellow motorcycle seduction in the hopes that there might be a new love affair between the two.

As with Sandy, one never knows what will happen next.

Stay tuned for more details!

Keep the Shiny Side Up!

~The Rainbow Wahine

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