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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Happy New Year's & Some Brass Nuts....

Happy New Year, everyone!  I know I'm a few days late--my brain is frozen!!!

I was supposed to ride at the beginning of the month in the annual Brass Nut Run.  Something similar to the Polar Bear Swimming Club except for swimming in a frozen lake, we ride our motorcycles in the freezing cold.

Except it was cancelled since it was icy and snowy....and cold!


It was a good call--once temps get down too low, it's pretty likely that three motorcycles will show up...or zero.  I know I wouldn't be there--I've become such a fair weather rider! 

Not really, I'll ride in the cold, the rain, snow (if I must), if I'm out in the elements.  To do so on purpose.....not so much.  After the Iron Butt ride, I decided that it isn't much fun freezing!

Although I will admit, I'm excited in trying out my new crash-bar wind deflectors Santa brought me!  Well, Santa got the wrong ones, but he's in the process of exchanging them so it will be soon and I can try them out!!!

Right now, there's much snow and ice on the ground!  Icky riding weather!  Heck, icky driving weather!

The ride has been rescheduled to March--it might still be cold enough to use my thingies!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year!  Here's to many wonderful riding days for 2011....

Keep the shiny side up!

~The Rainbow Wahine