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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Community Service

Not much riding to be found….I’m being pulled in a million different directions and most don’t have much to do with motorcycling.

Sigh….work sure does take up a lot of time, eh??

I did get to ride a spot on Saturday. From the dealership to home—which was about a half hour on the motorcycle. It was maintenance and the perfect opportunity of being out of town and unable to ride that prompted the shop time. Not very far, but I was happy to at least be on the motorcycle a bit.

Saturday night was a luau evening. One of the causes the Mountain Shadow Riders supports is a nursing home facility in our town and the barbeque with the luau theme was the activity for the night.

I didn’t ride to the dinner—I had my son in tow so we went by four wheels. We were one of the first to arrive so hauling our supplies in and getting set up was the task for the moment. The employees of the nursing home facility were finishing up the last minute decorations.

My son, as a five year old, decided to be shy. I think he was a bit unnerved about the older population and didn’t understand what a nursing home was. He was given the task to hand out the leis to the residents as they were being seated out on the back patio where out luau was held.

As the residents were being seated, the members of the Mountain Shadow Riders arrived. The members on their motorcycles parked their bikes around the concrete pad. More fanfare—the members mingled and talked with the residents and I think everyone had a good time. A few members manned the grill; some others put the burgers and dogs together as ordered.

We all ate and visited and then it was time to serve up dessert. Root beer floats! What a great finish to a nice meal.

Finally, the talk turned to motorcycling and a few kidding remarks to giving rides. A few residents wanted to ride and yes, we wanted to accommodate them. One of our riders had her trike and generously offered to give all who wanted a ride a turn around the parking lot.

What a hoot! We had several that took up the offer and those faces finished their rides with big grins on their faces. I had walked up to catch the conversation of two elderly gentlemen that had been on a ride earlier, “with that motorcycle, I bet we could pick up some girls”.

Ha! After many decades under their belts, it is still the same ol’ thing…..

It was a great night and wonderful time. I hope that we have the opportunity to once again support one of our causes because I had such a terrific time.

Until I get a chance to write (and ride) again,

Keep the shiny side up!

~The Rainbow Wahine