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Monday, March 06, 2006

Just Another Saturday Afternoon Spin

I was fortunate to spend the weekend in San Diego and ride!

It was a typical Christine trip. My mishaps started in Denver when I missed my flight by six minutes. Yes, SIX minutes! I was there on time; I had to wait forever for the shuttle bus to take me to the terminal. Ahh, well, there was another flight out so I got to fly through Las Vegas instead of Phoenix and get to San Diego at 1 AM and immediately to bed. I have to give props to Marty for his patience in the scheduling snafu.

Up and out early the next morning and down to the bike shop to pick up the bike I’m riding. It’s a gorgeous day—a little cool for my liking, however, in comparison to riding in March in Colorado, it's a perfect day! I get an idea of the coolness while I’m on the back of Marty’s Fatboy—yes you did read that right—I rode on the back to get down to the shop.

While it’s fun to ride two-up, I’m thinking the whole time that I need to be the number one rider, LOL. It’s just not the same.

We make our way down to the bike shop and I get to meet the machinery that will accompany me on my journey of the California roads--….a beautiful ’05 Fatboy—a chrome and black motorcycle that shouts out its message in its typical bad boy way! Yes, I am a happy girl indeed!

Get all the necessary paperwork done and the two minute go over on the bike; I gear up and off we go. I missed my windshield—screaming up I-5 without a windshield was an exercise in upper body strength. I noted that I again am reminded why I ride with my shield on, but hey, I was happy—I am riding my own so it’s a minor inconvenience.

We set off northbound and ride up the coastline highway. It’s a beautiful ride and really not too much traffic to worry about. We stopped at a beach park for a rest stop and photo opportunity only to discover that I didn’t have a charge on my camera… no photos on this trip for me. Oh well…next time!

Don’t ask me where I went…I am the lost girl so I have no idea where we rode. I believe our end point on the coast was Oceanside and then we headed east and rode the hills. Now THAT was fun!! Not as big as the twisters in the Rockies, but fun nonetheless!!

Rode out the daylight and got in at the beginning of evening.

Parked the bike; got cleaned up for dinner and headed out to the Harrah’s for dinner and some card playing.

What a great night! I lost my allocated cash; I should have gotten out when I was ahead, but I was having way too much fun! Such is life.

Southern California is indeed a beautiful place to ride and I hope that I get to ride it again in the near future. Of course, there are other roads that I’d like to see, but I don’t think I got a full taste of what’s out West….just a teaser. I’ll take it…gotta keep the rider in red coming back, eh?

Keep the shiny side up!

~The Rainbow Wahine

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KT Did said...

Next time you are in So. Cal. let me know...would love to meet up and ride with us girls...went to S.D. about 2 weekends ago for a ride...nice hills...glad you got to explore some of the I-5 and back roads... next time.