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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Rain, Rain, Go Away!!

Sigh, after three (yes, three) servings of Chili, I'm finally warmed up.

It is still raining. Not a torrential downpour, but more than a light spritz.

I do not want to get back on the bike.

I know I have to, so I gear up and head out. I wonder when will I get around the clouds?

Apparently, never. At least on this rotten day. Eventually, the rain does stop....somewhere on the other side of Santa Fe. It is still cloudy. Just a yukky day altogether.

One of my friends has a tag line on her e-mails..."the worst day on the motorcycle is better than any day in the office" or something to that effect. I disagree. I burned a vacation day for this?? Harrumph.

I press on. It is relatively quiet. No major disasters, rain, wind, snow or awful stuff to deal with. Traffic is calm. Or so think as I sit here trying to recall the haze of road miles.

My next battle: fatigue. I'm tired. It's been a day full of challenges and absolutely zero fun of riding. I press on, working my way west trying to get to Gallup, New Mexico. Finally, I see the city limits of Albuquerque. I know I have to stop for fuel. Then the last leg to Gallup.

Of course, stopping for fuel turns out to be an adventure in itself. I stop at a gas station...and it is a mad house! Vehicles everywhere! Come to find out that this particular station is having a $0.20 sale---$0.20 off a gallon of gasoline. It's a mad house! I watch with interest. It is a feeding frenzy. People everywhere, trying to get fuel. Fighting over who goes next.

I patiently wait. I take the moments to just process the day. I'm know I'm tired. The insanity of the events at the pump do not amuse me in my typical manner. Okay, I'm past tired. I'm exhausted.

Finally getting my gas, I gear back up and pull out. There's a little Microtel across the street. I look at my Zumo GPS and see there's over 100 miles to go. I make a flash decision. I pull in and call it a day.

There is a room available. I pay, get my gear off the bike.

Stripping down and take the many layers off, leaving a trail of clothing on the floor. I just do not care. Wash my face and then lay down. I call my friends to let them know I am done for the night. Then I lay down. Sleep is coming. My last thought...

"Please let tomorrow not be a repeat of today."

Sleep comes....

Keep the Shiny Side Up

~The Rainbow Wahine