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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Cold To The Bone…….

Yes, it was! I met Sandy at Einstein’s Bagels this not-so-bright and un-shiny morning. The temp when I left was a nice and toasty 36 degrees and misty. Brrrrrrrrrrrr. I had on enough clothes to dress three people!

Ate a spot of breakfast, grabbed coffee and headed out to Pike’s Peak Harley Davidson for The Cold To the Bone Poker Run. Sandy and I thought we might have a better chance of winning a prize today since the weather was not very nice. I guess the 50 or so other people that showed up thought so too!!!

We got registered and I drew my first card—a lovely four of diamonds. I’m thinking that this is not going to be a good hand at all…..

I met up with Phil and Steve rode up at the last minute, so we all decided to ride out together. Heading out was a bit cold, fortunately, the sun peeked out and it warmed up. Of course, I’m wishing I wasn’t wearing enough clothes for three people at this point!

Our ride took us around town and the various stops we would draw another card. I was drawing diamonds so it was looking pretty good for me. At least I was until I got to Dairy Queen and drew a spade. So much for that…I’m in the hunting for the worst hand except I know that Phil’s hand is much worse than mine!

We get to the end point—Frankie’s Too and the weather is not looking very good. As a matter of fact, it looks downright awful!! As the brave troopers we are, we get inside, get our cards drawn and wouldn’t you know it…Phil manages to have the worst hand and Steve has the best hand—with three queens.

After the awarding of the prizes and raffles, we decided to head out--the weather is really starting to look bad. Sandy does not have a windshield on her bike so she really wants to get home! As we were gearing up, a gentleman comes across the parking lot and advises to stay put for a bit—it’s hailing between where we are and where we want to go. Yikes!! It’s going to be a fun ride home.

As soon as we get out of the parking lot, it starts to snow. I’m glad I have enough clothes for three people at this point! Sandy, on the other hand, has warm gear, but is not prepared for wet riding. Not only that, she didn’t bring her helmet. She's going to have a miserable ride back.

The ride home wasn’t too terribly bad; I was prepared. I knew Sandy was cold; her hair was wet. I’m thinking that we got in pretty good…the weather was starting to really get ugly and we more or less beat it out.

I get parked in the garage and did a walk-around the bike.

Note to self: get oil and new headlight bulb. Steve noticed that I blew my low-beam.

I get inside, get cleaned up and make it back downstairs. Wouldn’t you know it…..the sun is shining.....

Just my luck, eh??

Keep the Shiny Side Up (and make sure you buy the frost-free version. It may cost a bit more, but it is well worth it *wink*).

~The Rainbow Wahine

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James said...

I was on a poker run today through Napa County. Chilly in the high 30's this morning but it warmed up to the 50s by noon.

Make sure not to let your core temp fall too low. Hypothermia impares your judgement just like a six pack.

How to Stay Warm in the Cold