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Thursday, September 29, 2011

As The Leaves Turn

Well, it's now or never for the ride out to see the Colorado fall colors.

So it's now.

This morning, it was a cooooolllll ride up to Cripple Creek.  At 9 am, it was a warm and balmy 50-something degrees.

Did I mention that I haven't done any really cold weather riding since...uhhhh...March??

Today was just a small front, it will be back to "normal" Colorado 80's tomorrow.

However, today's ride was spectacular.  The aspens are changing and the yellows are just brilliant!  It's quite different from the yellows/reds/oranges of the midwest/east, since the contrast are greens and yellow here and moving to gold and then...

Falling off!!!

It was nice to get out and ride, but still too nippy for me!!   However, it was fun to ride the twistys up to Cripple Creek.  However, the weather wasn't nice enough to stop for lunch.  Rather, it was a quick scoot home!