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Monday, March 27, 2006

Mountain Shadow Riders Open House

Wow what a beautiful day it was!!! If I couldn’t be out riding, then the next best thing to do is to hang out with a bunch of great friends! The day opens up sun shiny and gorgeous and I ride down to Rocky Mountain Cycle Plaza on a squeaky clean red Fatboy.

On the way down, my Harley key blows out of my pocket so I’m keyless. I discover this when I get down to RMCP and go to lock my bike. My key is somewhere on Powers boulevard. Great. Just what I need.

So I pull the bike in the pack with the others and quit worrying about it. I’ll deal with the issue later.

Jeanne, Josh, Travis and Taunya have the grill fired up and are cooking up a storm. The smell of brats on the grill wafting around a bunch of hot women sets the stage for a fun day. The amount of baked goods is incredible…..I love to bake, but these women all put me to shame. Errr…I have to give kudos to Sweet Cheeks as well. Seems Paul is quite gifted in the baking department. I talked to his better half about renting him and she’s still debating on what to charge me. I’m thinking I won’t be able to afford it if she has to think that long *sigh*.

The Gang at the grill station

Travis, Josh and Nicole

Barb has her table set up for Women in Motorcycling Conference set for August. She’s loaded down and is charming all the ladies that stop by her table. She’s cute with all the membership rockers she’s got attached to her hat. I love talking to Barb. She has so much rich motorcycle history in the Springs. I didn’t know her shop was one of the first women-owned motorcycle shops here in Colorado Springs! She is just a neat lady to know and just as genuine and down to earth as they come. Her husband Jerry is a hoot too!

Barb and Cyndi

Kelly, Jeanne andBarb

We took the opportunity to “try” on the new motorcycles on display. Doesn’t Josh look suave on this Victory? No offense, Josh, I think I’m a better looking accessory *smile*. I was particularly drawn to the purple Victory on the showroom floor, but that means I’ll have to get new chaps!!

Josh and his cool pose on the Victory

I think I look better :-)

Karla and other members are working the Mountain Shadow Riders/Women on Wheels® table. One thing about Karla is that she can sell ice to an Eskimo. She is such a great Director for our Chapter and spends an incredible amount of time behind the scenes doing great work. A lot of people don’t realize exactly how much work she does, but I’ve had the honor of working with her so I’m aware that she’s always thinking to improve the chapter and working towards supporting and encouraging our new members and riders to grow.

The Eagle 103.9 was out doing a live broadcast and kindly extended a moment of airtime to help promote the Mountain Shadow Riders. Now, Karla would have been the ideal for this job, but she politely declined to opportunity to talk about the Mountain Shadow Riders. Kelly, Paul, Jeanne, Travis, Taunya and Lisa didn’t politely decline. They basically said (*^$#^ no!! Gee, thanks guys. I don’t mind doing it, but I know that the opportunity to say something inappropriate might crop up. Where’s Sandy when I need her?? So blurbed about the MSR all the while my cohorts are making faces at me and trying to get me to laugh. That’s okay, I may be ditzy, but I have a pretty good memory when I set my mind to it……

Doing the MSR blurb

Dynamo Dorothy shows up and literally refuses to let anyone pass by without a donation to the Breast Cancer fund or buying food. I know this is her cause and she champions it. I know Dorothy is in her six or seventh decade, but his lady is an active and vital woman. I hope that I’m going as strong as she is when I’m her age. She is such a funny woman and I was caught in her crossfire a time or two. Seems she can give way better than I thought I could. Ouch.

Pitchman Dorothy looking for her next 'victim'

Various members floated in and out all day and we all talked to anyone who would listen about women in motorcycling, our organization the various activities we do and the fun we have doing them. There was a lot of trash talking as well. After all, who can resist cat-calling Sweet Cheeks just to see him blush?? Not any of us, that’s for sure. Of course, we still see him every month at all our functions, so I’m thinking he likes it. Nahhh…we all know it’s because Scooter Gurl makes him!!! HA HA HA.

It was a great day—we talked to a good many people, sold a lot of food, signed people up to WOW and our chapter, and added a couple of people to our Yahoo Group so they can keep up with our activities. Overall, the Open House exceeded all our expectations.

Sandy, JoLynn and Her hubby talking about MSR

I’d like to give thanks to all that worked to support this drive (in no particular order): Kelly, Paul, Travis, Taunya, Sonya, Josh, Karla, Jo Lynn, BJ, Kim P, Pete, Julie, Christine E., Wendy, Dorothy, Barb, Nicole, Loree, Jim, Shari, Sandy, Lori F., Betty, Mr. Betty (Bill), Marie, Cyndi, Bucky, Dale, Kathy, Lisa, and Don

I’d also like to give thanks to our Chapter Secretary, Carolee, for all her behind the scenes work and for the new banner design.

And lastly, I want to especially give thanks to Jeanne for leading and organizing this Open House. Jeanne did an exceptional job of pulling us together and keeping us on track in spite of the insanity of her life.

Good work, everyone, I had a blast and am honored to be a member of this incredibly dynamic and exceptionally strong, vital women!!! My hat is off to you!!

We are having another Open House April 22 at Rocky Mountain Cycle Plaza. For those of you who missed it, please come down and see us. It’ll be fun!!

Oh, and for the record…I did find my Harley key on Powers. I still need to have another made, but I did the loop Sunday and found it. Yay to me!!


Gymi said...

Man, you're sure keepin' busy. My bike is still in a million pieces too cold to paint. But the weather looks good toward the end of the week. Maybe I can get the paint on er' and get on the road next week.

Christine said...

No other way to do life, IMO!!!