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Thursday, March 30, 2006

And I Need A Rear Tire

On top of the 7,500 mile service on my bike I need:  a new rear tire and rear brakes.  

I also need to replace the clutch handle bracket too.  I was aware of that problem.  I broke it when I dropped the Fatboy and have the part.  I just never got around to replacing the darn thing.

Rear brakes I can do, tire I cannot, so I just told them to take care of it so I don’t have to worry with it.  I knew the tire issue was coming up; I eye the tire every time I look at the bike.  

It’s spring time and although I’ve ridden year round, I know there are folks out there that store their bikes for the winter.  It’s time to get the cover off and take a peek on what needs to be done to get your motorcycle ready for riding.  

My friend Sandy had a good point—now is the time to get the bikes in the shop for maintenance since they are fairly slow.  I made my appointment this past Monday and brought it in yesterday, so the wait wasn’t too long.  It will be ready this afternoon and I’ll pick it up in the morning.  

It was a bit strange pulling up in my garage last night and not seeing the Fatboy parked in his spot.  I’m guessing my V-Star isn’t lonely…ha ha ha.  

I’ll be glad to get Mr. Chubbs back tomorrow!!

Keep The Shiny Side Up!

~The Rainbow Wahine


David said...

I hope you can scratch your biker itch with the V Star until you slap some new sticky rubber on Mr Chubbs.
Riding in the wet or stomping on your brake pedal could make for unexpected and unwanted results with thin tread.
But you know this. I just had to say it.
Be careful.

Christine said...

Absolutely, David and scratch I did!! It was fun getting out on the V-Star (named Cranky by my famous bike naming son) and I was re-educated on the fun factor of why I keep the Star!!

When I got Mr. Chubbs back, of course, I had to ride him and it was a noticable difference with the new tire and rear brakes. I didn't think it would be...

Thanks for the warning...I appreciate it!!