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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Mountain Shadow Riders March Meeting

What a great March meeting!  It was great to see my many friends!  There were lots of new faces as well, so new riding adventures are on the way!!

I did get to ride down--and it was cold!!  Lots of cold weather gear!  It was nice to cruise down the highway, though and let the wind blow over my stocking cap!

The meeting was informative and fun.  One of the things that the chapter is doing is collecting food items for the Silver Key Senior Services.  Silver Key's mission is to "find and implement ways to ensure that the elderly are aging safely with dignity and independence".  Our chapter has been challenged by the Ladies of Harley--the first group to bring in 10,000 food item will be the winner of a brunch that the other group has to provide.  Of course, we want bragging rights, but at the end of the day, the real winner is the senior citizens that get food items from Silver Key. 

We also presented ideas on the 2011 MSR ride contest.  This year, the theme is  "Ride Like an Animal".  My motorcycle with animals, animal signs, etc.  Pretty simple and interesting.  I submitted the Scavenger Hunt, but I was soundly beaten out by Trouble....who went to the trouble of making a really cool presentation with pictures and all.  Kudos to her!!

The ride back was still cold!  Trust me, I did ride all the way home with a huge grin on my face!!  I'm soooo looking forward to the riding season!!

Keep the Shiny Side Up!!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Finally! It's Warm Enough!

I did not get out to ride today--too many things going on!  I will, however, get the chance to ride down to the Mountain Shadow Riders' March chapter meeting.  It's all things motorcycle and a great opportunity to just chit-chat and catch up with my friends.

The Mountain Shadow Riders is the largest Women on Wheels(R) chapter in Colorado.  At present count, there are close to 100 members, support and child members.  Our rides are as varied as our personalities--big cruisers, little cruisers, sport bikes and even a couple of scooters!!  What we do have in common is fellowship and the want to share our experiences and have fun in the process!!

In the meantime, I should head out to the garage and do some spring checking--oil, battery, tire pressure, etc.  I know the motorcycle will start because I rode it last week (yay!) and tires and fuel are okay. 

When riding, please be on the lookout for sand or "winter" debris on the roads.  Considering the contact area on a motorcycle tire to the ground is about the size of a playing card--one would want as much rubber on the road.  It's still pretty sandy and gravelly out there.

Most of us have not had the opportunity to do much riding (kudos to those who can) during the winter season, so beware of your skills.  Like anything else, it might get a little rusty for lack of use.  Thank goodness it doesn't take long to come up to speed!!!

Those are my pointers for the day (since I didn't really have a story).

Keep the shiny side up!!

~The Rainbow Wahine