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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Has a Motorcycle Ever Made You Cry??

From a broken heart?

I was down at Pike’s Peak Harley Davidson trying to get a new headlight for the Fatboy. Seems the low beam blew last week during the poker run.

Why on earth would I run down to my friendly Harley Davidson shop to get a light bulb when I could run down to my friendly Auto Zone when it would probably cost me less to do so? Because I decided to be lazy. It was a matter of taking the darn thing apart and taking the bulb down the Auto Zone or just walking into the HD store getting the bulb and then taking care of business.

Wouldn’t you know that Pike’s Peak Harley was out of stock on light bulbs? At both stores, mind you. Sigh. So I ended up doing what I didn’t want to do and wasting more time that I didn’t have!

Enough to make a girl cry?? Not really. More of an annoyance.

While I’m in the dealership waiting for stock availability, I’m walking around the showroom floor looking at all the new bikes. Back in the corner there’s a beautiful yellow custom Road King.


Of course, I *had* to sit on it. Actually, I wanted to put my feet up on the engine guards to see how I fit on them. After I sat on the bike, engine guards were forgotten. Now I’m thinking I could see myself riding this sweet ride down the road.

I’m also thinking I need three motorcycles like I need a man. Nice to have, but quite unnecessary!! LOL.

I entertained the thought of actually thinking how I could swing another bike. Then reality kicked in and the sensible brain cells took control back. Sigh, it was a beautiful bike and yes, I really really really liked it but………………

Alas, it was not meant to be.

I gave a wistful last glace at the bike, then went back to give the parts guy a hard time of not having a head light in stock. Such is life.

Funny, I was talking to my girlfriend Karla about this same bike and after I got the words “yellow Road King” out of my mouth she knew exactly what I was talking about. Seems he had seduced her as well. I thought I was the first to find love with a yellow motorcycle. I was wrong. I was one in a long list of many………………….

Now that’s enough to make a girl cry *smile*.


KT Did said...

Ahhhhh...from the days of the yellow brick road to the yellow road kings...."click-click"...wish it were that easy.

Christine said...

lol...we'd all be riding them, that's for sure!!

kaybee said...

ahhh - the yellow road king - yes my heart did stop and drool began to puddle in the corner of my mouth. I had to do a double take. Bright 'yellow' - MY FAV. (although as my mother will tell you, 'yellow' is the favorite color of most schizopphrenics - ha). I didn't have the courage like FoxC has - I couldn't allow myself to sit on the beautiful beast for fear of god I wouldn't be able to walk out of the shop without the title in my position. Someday (hopefully soon) I'll have the courage to sit on her. I have this gut feeling she was made for me!

Christine said...

That's okay, Kaybee...purple is the color of royalty and insanity....that's why so many kings are crazy....

Off with his head!!!

HA HA HA!! Bike is all yours...and'd look HOT on it!!!

David7s said...

The yellow's amazing. I have a 2005 black cherry road king custom. It's absolutely the best bike on the planet. No buyer remorse whatsoever!

Anonymous said...

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Buffaloguy said...

I don't have the majestic real estate to put around in like you. But we have some nice winding roads in the Northeast.
Make the move. Get the Yellow beast. My ride is a 2005 roadking custom. Black Pearl. Harley reached perfection and I have reached Nirvana.
Every bike I have owned for thirty five years, including a couple of HD's, have been nothing but practice.
You won't regret it.