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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Crash, Bang, Screech!!

Three words that no motorcyclist wants to hear!!

A few months ago, I was out for a mid-afternoon scoot.  I was out riding with Joe and we were headed to Devine Wines in Manitou (they make fabulous wines).  He was leading.  We were waiting to make a right turn and he saw that it was clear so he went.  I did not go, since I couldn't see and had a niggling feeling to "wait".  So I did.

As I waited, I looked down the lane.  White car, then go.  The car went by and I pulled out.  As I pulled out--out of nowhere a humongo Chevrolet pickup appeared.  I caught the bed of the truck and heard a loud "bang".  The first thing I thought was "darn (you can use a different and appropriate word), my gas tank is dented"! 

I think I was pushed over about three feet or so and managed to not go over.  Fortunately, the collision was on the left hand side.  What I think happened was that the bed of the truck pushed my clutch lever in and disengaged the engine.  Had it been the other side, it could have been a pretty nasty incident.

The driver of the truck pulled over and I pulled in behind her.  She was pretty mad and yelling "why did you pull out".  I calmly stated that I looked down the lane and it was clear so I went.  The road was a five lane road--there are two lanes in each direction and a turn lane in the middle.   I then asked if she changed lanes when I pulled out.  She yelled at me for a few more minutes and then called the police.

Aside from a bruise on my lower leg, I did not sustain any injury.  The loud bang was not a dent in my fuel tank, but rather, my floorboard cut the sidewall of her rear tire causing a blow out.  She was ranting and raving that I scared her and she just replaced that tire just moments ago.  I understand her reaction--I certainly hope I never hit a motorcyclist!

The police officer arrived and was amazed that there was no serious injury.  She was arguing with the officer that I pulled out as she was going by and I stated that I looked down the lane and it was clear, so I thought she changed lanes as I was pulling out.  The officer was amazed that I was unhurt--he asked me three times if I was okay and was I sure if my bike was okay.  I'm fine and the bike is fine.

Fortunately, there was no citation--he just stated since there was no injury, we would just exchange insurance information and be done. 

Once that was taken care of, I started my bike and went home.  My excursion to the winery was not to be since I had to get home in time for Alex to get home from school.  If that isn't a time to have a little wine!! 

Of course, now when I'm riding, I simply will not go if both lanes are not clear.  I've always known that I shouldn't pull out just in case, but now I just will not do it.  I was lucky and I'm not interested in tempting fate!

Keep the shiny side up!

~The Rainbow Wahine