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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Open House Mania

The first 2006 open house of the Mountain Shadow riders is just around the corner. The open house is this Saturday, March 25 at Rocky Mountain Cycle Plaza on Chelton Avenue.

This will be my first open house and I’ll be there early to help set up. We’ll be hanging out, getting the word out about the Mountain Shadow Riders and women in motorcycling. We’ll be barbequing brats and hotdogs and of course have home-made baked goods (after all we are women and love to bake—ha ha ha).

We “officially” start at 10:00 AM. So if you have a spot of time Saturday come on down and visit with me and the rest of this crazy group of women I claim as my friends. If you know of a woman who is interested in motorcycling and has questions, send her down to us and we’ll do our best to brainwash…errrr…educate her! I’ll be around until 2:00 PM but the rest of the gang will be there until 4ish.

Rocky Mountain Cycle Plaza has a great selection of bikes as well. I always enjoy getting down and looking at all the cool Victories, Star, Honda, Suzuki and other motorcycles they have. I avoid the dirt bikes like the plague, however. They call to me every time I go in and for the moment, have resisted the call to go off-roading.

It’s bad enough that I found the local women’s Roller Derby team….


Yes, I’m kicking it around but won’t probably do it—exactly when do I have time??

At any rate, if Saturday is a beautiful day and you are out riding, stop by and rub in the fact that I’m working the open house instead of riding!! LOL………

I suppose now I need to go wash my bike.

Bike wash anyone?? I have a red Harley in need of a bath!

Keep The Shiny Side Up and Have A Great Day!

~The Rainbow Wahine


Laurence said...

You could always combine the roller derby and the riding.....Have your own rollerball thing going on!

Christine said...


Or is it Motor Derby??

Thanks, Laurence!!