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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Women In Motorcycling Conference

Whew, have a few minutes to think for a change! Wrapping up the last week of school for this term—then it all starts again.

Monday night was the March meeting of the Cripple Creek Women in Motorcycling Conference. I almost decided against going since I’m buried in homework, but I figured that a couple of hours wasn’t going to kill me. I was right—it didn’t.

Looks like there has been substantial headway made—we have several keynote speakers and a panel of women riders put together. We also threw around ideas on short workshops that might work within the timetable we have established. We discussed pins, the timeline, parking issues, and a whole lot of other stuff that goes on behind the scenes.

One of the topics discussed was new riding gear. Kim, the Director for Women in the Wind, was telling us about some of the cool gear available for motorcycle riders. One item was the Thigh Pack II by Sabergear™. This pack can carry some serious gear! As women, you know we have to carry the kitchen sink! Well, most of us anyway. The Thigh Pack II was of interest because with the additional bladder, it becomes a one-liter hydration pack. All this and still tons of storage space!

Kim also brought along a mesh jacket from First Gear. Of course, it’s not time for warm weather gear, but it will be soon enough. Or at least I hope it will be soon enough. I got to try hers on and really liked it! She had the men’s version on, but I’m eyeing that red/silver or white jacket. We’ll see.

We got a good deal discussed and made forward progress. I don’t feel like I really contributed much to the group because I’m new and have never done this type of thing.

No worries, I figured if anything, I can always lick envelopes *smile*.

The conference is going to be in August 16th and 17th in Cripple Creek Colorado. As the details become available, I’ll post them.

Let me get back to my homework.

Keep the Shiny Side Up

~The Rainbow Wahine

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