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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Riding Upon a Star

It was a gorgeous day outside today so I couldn’t resist taking my V-Star out.  I had decided against riding since the wind was a bit chilly for my liking and it was clouding up.  

Then I got most of my work done and decided that I could get out a bit.  Besides, I need a disc lock so a run to the local motorcycle shop was in order.  Riding my bike down solved three problems:  1.  getting my riding itch scratched, 2.  getting the disc lock I need for Saturday’s ride, and 3.  riding my V-Star.  

Problem solved!!  Since I didn’t have to choose between riding my Fatboy and riding the Yamaha (the Fatboy is still in the shop), it was a no-brainer to get out on the Star since it’s the only motorized two wheel contraption in my garage.  Sigh, I have a bicycle, but no way am I pedaling when I can twist the throttle.  Besides, I torture myself enough running.

The wind was very cool but the sun was shining, so it was a nice ride.  Okay, I admit it, riding the Star is a totally different animal and I can ride the fire out of corners!  Guess who did exactly that??  LOL!  Of course, it’s so much quicker off the line so who was burning off precious miles per gallon?  Me, me, me!!

So I get down to the bike shop and get my disc lock….gee they cost a lot!!!!   I ride the long way home.  I get in the house, and lo and behold—a message from the Harley shop that my bike is ready!  I call my fellow girlfriend rider and she hauls me down to the dealer and drops me off.

After the bill is settled and the usual chit-chat about riding is completed, they roll my Fatboy out.  My motorcycle has gotten a bike wash and is SHINY!!  Of course, what should I do??  Get it dirty taking it for a ride *grin*!

I head out and rode until I am out of daylight.  Yes, I’ll admit that riding my Star is a great deal of fun, but I was happy to have Mr. Chubbs back.  Besides, the service writer at the Harley shop said it all:  “you gotta love a woman that rides her Harley wearing a red boa”.  Yup…exactly.  It matches the bike!!

I parked in the garage and everything once again felt “normal”.  My garage didn’t feel quite right this morning when I opened the door and saw the one bike.

All is well in my world right now.  At least it is where the motorcycles are!

Keep the Shiny Side Up!

~The Rainbow Wahine

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