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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

What Happened to Summer?

It looks to be coming to a close and wayyyyy too soon! This past weekend held rides on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Friday night was the Mountain Shadow Riders’ Family Dinner Night. This month it was held at the Flying W Ranch. The weather had been cloudy and disagreeable, but not so terribly so that I *couldn’t* ride so I hopped on the bike and set off. After all, it is the dinner gathering of a woman’s riding club, right?? It seems that I was the only one that rode in…everyone one else drove!! LOL….The roads were wet, but it wasn’t pouring down rain on the ride up—so no worries.

We had a great visit; a few new faces among the 20 or so that showed. Then again, I always have a great time getting together with my friends!!

Dinner finished and leave time arrived. I walked out to a bike that had a bit of water on it—no worries, it’s not raining even though the pavement was wet. My friend Sandy volunteered to lead me down in the dark. It was a short and safe ride down to the highway—well, except for the deer on the side of the road!! We got down to the main road and I went around her…she was throwing too much water and I couldn’t see!!

I had an interesting experience when I had to brake for a traffic signal. The light changed to yellow and I was too far back to run the light. Being that it was dark, the roads were wet and it was a busy intersection, I decided to brake. Very cautious of pavement conditions and the awaiting traffic, I started to brake. It was a very deliberate and slow brake—the last thing I wanted to do was skid. I didn’t skid, but I did start to drift so I immediately knew I was hydroplaning. It was a strange feeling to be drifting all over the lane knowing I had no control. Easing off the brake a bit I continued working the speed down until I stopped—a few feet over the white line.

Sandy pulls up next to me and says “gee, that looked scary”.

I looked at her and said, “I guess I still had a few good Karma points left”.

That tempered my desire for riding and I got the bike home and stayed put for the rest of the night. Besides, I was planning on riding up to Mount Evans so I wanted to be rested.

I never made it to Mount Evans. I awoke to pouring down rain. I did get out for a short jaunt—the day cleared by mid afternoon and I rode down to a friend’s house. Unfortunately, the weather didn’t hold and started pouring by early evening. Sigh. I ended up leaving my bike at her place due to the pouring down rain. The Fatboy was safe in her garage…right next to her Dyna. I guess it was a good thing I didn’t wash the goop off from the night before.

Sunday was predicted to be another rainy day. I awoke to a gorgeous day—and I’m thinking my bike is….errrr…at a sleepover at Jeanne’s. She calls me to tell me she’s coming up to get me and while I’m riding down to her place…I’m thinking….lunch…ride….


We get out and ride a bit down to Old Colorado City, have a great lunch at a wonderful bar-be-que joint and shop!! It was a gorgeous day—that should have been the day to ride up to Mount Evans!

The days are cooling off and getting shorter… the fall is upon us. The last great summer weekend is upon us—Labor Day Weekend is this upcoming weekend. On deck is the Rally in the Rockies in Durango, Thunder in the Rockies at Loveland…and the IB…..

Guess which one I’m doing???

I’ll be a heck of a story—I’m hoping it won’t rain….

Keep the Shiny Side Up!

~The Rainbow Wahine

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Is It Me or Is The Emperor Not Wearing Any Clothes?

One Saturday afternoon I was wandering around the Harley Davidson Dealership checking out the new 2007 motorcycles. It was really great to see the changes that they made on the various models. Sigh…I’m in love yet!!

While I like the look of the new Fatboy—when I sat on the motorcycle….it wasn’t love at first sitting. Harley Davidson changed the seat on the Fatboy and it actually has a higher seat height and I can not flat-foot the bike! Grrrr…..already.

If you know, nothing annoys me more to spend X number of dollars on anything and then spending way more to change stuff I don’t like. Motorcycle accessories aren’t cheap, ya know??

Overall, I like most of the changes and my friend and I were having great fun sitting on all the various models and just drooling over this change and that change.

So after the lusty “there’s new motorcycles” haze faded away, I noticed that I was not liking the majority of the paint colors and combos on a good many of the motorcycles. I have been reading and hearing about Harley Davidson pushing towards marketing to women and I’m finding more colors and combinations that are…..unattractive!

Olive green is NOT a girly color. I’m sitting on a very niiiiiiice blue/white Fatboy and looked over at the Springer parked next to me. Okay, maybe if you are an Army guy or girl, you might like this. But I’m thinking that the majority of Army personnel don’t drive Army Green personal owned vehicles. They’d want to buy an olive green Harley?? As a matter of fact…I can not recall any automobile manufacturer that has an olive green vehicle in their line up.

Not to mention that it is a “custom” color (read…NOT BLACK)…it is going to cost more!!!

Of course, from what I hear the ‘07s are flying off the showroom floor and I guess you can order a black Harley and wait half a lifetime (I have no idea what the wait time is to order a bike) or you can cough up the extra cash…and then spend more money to have it painted…again.

If I *were* to buy a new Harley Davidson, I would probably go with the Road King Custom. Of course, the only colors I’m partial to are the yellow and the new “powder” blue.

Well, if I had unlimited pockets, I REALLY like the look of the CVO Road King. But what is there not to love about this red motorcycle with flames? Now THAT is a girly bike!!! Unfortunately, I hear a couple extra cha-chings too…

I’m really disappointed with the color schemes this year. Is me or is it just awful??

Keep the Shiny Side Up…

~The Rainbow Wahine

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Thank You Mr. Cage Driver

This past weekend was the Salute to Veteran’s Day Celebration up in Cripple Creek. My friends and I had a great time in our usual adventures. After all, how can leather, cool motorcycles with tons of shiny chrome accessories, helicopter flyovers, rally food and lots of shopping be not fun? Well, it was!

I was up all three days—with different friends which equaled to more fun than a person is allowed. Today’s story is a misadventure with a happy ending.

Saturday morning dawned with unfavorable weather—the forecast for the whole weekend was not promising and my friend and I expected to be doing some riding in the rain with the likelihood of hail. We all know to pack appropriately—and do—except I forgot my rain pants—they are hanging on the back of a dining room chair. That’s another story, however.

My friends and I gather together and ride down to Pike’s Peak Harley Davidson to register for the motorcycle parade. Once registered, the plan was to go ahead up to Woodland Park to the staging area to get an up-front spot in the line. Cool, works for me!!

Once registered, we head on up. After we get over Ute Pass, the weather clears quite nicely and I am enjoying the ride. I know that our next stop is gas, and we pull in. You know, the gas station song and dance.

Here’s where it gets interesting. I’m riding wing, I’m the middle bike in a group of three. My friend is leading and she pulls out. I know it is clear…I glanced briefly then turned my attention to the road ahead. My lane is clear.

There has been a great deal of rain and there was a good amount of sand and small gravel on the road and I had to cross . I’m steering veeerrrryyy carefully over and out of the sand; last thing I want is to fall on a turn on Highway 24. I overcompensated my turn and pulled too wide…into the other lane. Not onto oncoming traffic, but there was a vehicle in the lane and fortunately, the driver was paying attention and changed lanes. Otherwise, I would have been involved in a very serious accident.

I pull into position and shook my head to indicate I was alright. A few moments later, we pulled into the staging area and parked. Of course, I got the “what the *^$*^$ were you doing” speech. I told her what happened.

I looked at her and said “I guess I used up all my good karma points this morning”.

So, thank you, Mr. Cage Driver, for watching the road. Pulling in the lane with a full-sized SUV is not a contest I want to try and I am grateful that the driver was paying attention and avoided me without incident. Yes, he could have used as many expletives as necessary; I will take a verbal beating in lieu of the other option.

The rest of the weekend was without incident. I’m glad it was. I’ll get to ride another day.

Again, whether riding or driving, please extend the courtesy of paying attention to all vehicles on the road. I’m grateful that the driver of the SUV was doing what he was supposed to do.

It’s taken me a few days to get my thoughts together regarding this incident. I rarely doubt my riding abilities but this goes to show that we are all capable of errors. I’m just lucky that this story had a happy ending.

As always…

Keep the Shiny Side Up!

~The Rainbow Wahine

Friday, August 18, 2006

The POW/MIA Salute to Veteran's Rally

Cripple Creek, Colorado. My girlfriends are saddling up to head out this morning to see the sights and do their shopping before all the craziness of a lot of motorcycles show up tomorrow. This day has opened up to be a gorgeous day—but knowing Colorado weather—we should have rain this afternoon. I plan on heading up later this morning/afternoon, so I’ll get to see my friends and SHOP!!! Whoooohooooo!!!

I look forward to this weekend—I’m riding in the parade for the first time. Last year, I rode in with a small group; this year I’ll be in the insanity of many many motorcycles. As always, it should be fun!!

I’ll have my camera on me, so I hope to get some cool pics!!

Stay safe out there and as always…

Keep the Shiny Side Up!

~The Rainbow Wahine

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Crashing on Purpose

Well, it's been a week. My girlfriend was in an accident last week--she was thrown from a four-wheeler. She's okay, got banged up for the most part.

I have two friends of mine that were involved in a motorcycle accident last weekend. The rider is an experienced rider and I have no problem riding on the back of his bike. His girlfriend is a rider as well and was on the back of his bike.

They were following a Ryder/U-Haul type truck--and had been following them for six or seven miles when the truck signaled right and started to pull off on the side of the road. Suddenly, the driver of the truck decided to make a U-turn in the middle of the road and didn't look.

My friend had a choice: T-Bone the truck or lay the bike down. He laid the bike down. Let me tell you, doing this at 65 miles an hour (the speed limit) is not a choice to make lightly. He did manage to get some of the speed off before he put the bike down.

He doesn't remember anything else until after the crash. His girlfriend has more memory, but the details were hazy and confused. Both were airlifted to a hospital in Denver.

Both required emergency surgery--he had a compound fracture of the ankle, hers was a compound fracture of the knee. His surgeon made the comment after the surgery to my friend: "I hear you were trying to be a Hollywood stuntman".

Evidently, when he laid the bike down he didn't have an impact with the vehicle. Instead, the bike passed under the truck. Not only was there no impact with a vehicle, they managed to avoid getting run over as well.

Both are extremely lucky; beside brusing, road rash and broken bones, they are intact.

Both were wearing helmets.

I was talking to the both of them and his comment, "there just wasn't any time to do anything".

Certainly, the accident was caused by the driver of the other vehicle. I could go on and rant about the necessity of cage drivers to look--yes, he should have. If it was another car following, it would have been an accident that involved a car. This time it was a motorcyclist.

I'm sure the driver of the truck didn't intend on hitting anyone; certainly not my two friends. I'm not about to turn this into a car vs. motorcycle argument--it solves nothing and creates more hard feelings for both parties.

I will, however, comment on several comments that my two friend's non-riding friends and family members have made--regarding the irresponsiblity of the decision to ride and the self-serving, holier than thou, I told you so attitude that riding is somehow wrong.

"I told you motorcycles were dangerous".

They could have been in their car and the accident could still have occured. People certainly don't see motorcycles, but they don't see cows, culverts, pedestrians, and other cars and trucks on the road either. A cage T-boning a big truck would have been very ugly as well with no guarantees ensuring survival of such an accident.

Basically, there are no guarantees in life. I just want to take this time to remind everyone to be vigilant when riding and driving. Respect all vehicles and understand that each of us has a responsbility to our own safety and to others--respect others, the laws of the road, the laws of gravity, the machine we ride in/on, and the pavement.

I'm glad my friends are still here today; they should be home from the hospital today and in the process of recovering--physically and psychologically.

The rider has the right attitude. Upon seeing him in the hospital bed, he commented--I wanted an '07 anyway--in comment to his brand new, barely made 1,000 miles hard bagger he rides.

Well, his old Heritage is up for sale at the dealership...LOL...

Please, keep the shiny side up.....

~The Rainbow Wahine

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Thank You For Supporting Our Breasts

It's that time of year again...The Mountain Shadow Riders annual Breast Cancer Run. It's our big fund raiser and we have kicked off the drive to make this run our best ever.
If this is sounds like a promo, it is.

We have a team for the Race for the Cure--please check out my page and I ask for as much support as you can give....if not a monetary donation, please send prayers as I am running in the timed race! I did the timed race last year and came in around an 11 minute mile. Yes, it's grandma's speed--but I'm OLD....LOL...

Race day is September 10th at Iron Horse Park at Fort Carson, CO. Our team plans on riding our motorcycles. If you are in the area and would like to join us, please do so!

Our Breast Cancer Run is October 7th, 2006. We are doing a memory ride. It's about 100 miles and instead of a poker run, we have a contest regarding how well you pay attention to the items on the route...we'll ask if you remember what you saw. I am terrible at this so you have a good chance of beating me!

We also have some great door prizes as well! Guy stuff as well as girly stuff--who was the one that won the great tool box?

There is a new twist this year as well as we are having a Mystery Ride Auction. Several members are putting together a local ride and event and will auction the ride off. The "owner" of the basket will be the escort for the here's a chance to get out and see our beautiful area with one of our members! The ride will be available for viewing so you'll know where you are going...the member leading the ride will be unknown until after the auction. The only clue you'll have to the basket owner is how it is decorated.

Think hard, exactly how will the Rainbow Wahine decorate her basket??

Yes, I'm participating, so I'll have a ride basket. I'm also heading this committee, so if you want to participate or bid...let me know...

And I need a volunteer auctioneer as well.

Thank you for supporting our breasts. One in seven women will be stricken with breast cancer in her lifetime and the more we raise, the more the Colorado Springs Affiliate of the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation can give back to fund vital breast cancer education, screening and treatment programs in our own community and support the national search for a cure.
Have a great day, all!!

Keep The Shiny Side Up!

~The Rainbow Wahine

Monday, August 14, 2006

How I Love the Mountain Shadow Riders

To ride in a deluge to get to the Blood Run….

We lined up for the Blood Run and were off promptly at 11:00 AM. It was a beautiful morning and I was so glad to have great weather to ride around in! Our run was a jaunt in the Black Forest area. I love riding in the area because it is beautiful and is a nice change of pace from the twisties of the Rocky Mountains. We rode for a bit and then stopped for lunch.

Lunch was a great stop. We had a couple of new MSR members ride with us. Michelle, a new member and rider, rode along with us. Our lunch discussion was about group riding because of an incident that occurred.

We were riding along in our little group of about 10 or 12 bikes and this guy on a motorcycle cut into the group. He forced his way in. No worries, we all knew to adjust the pattern and roll on. He happened to cut in front of Michelle and she really didn’t know what to do. Well, she let him in, but it disrupted the serpentine pattern, so she moved over, which made the rider behind her move over…and then me….I knew better….I moved up.

We talked about this very situation, because the crossing of lanes in an entire chain is dangerous. Instead, the rule is to move forward or back to change the serpentine. She apologized to us for the error..but honestly, the error was ours. After all, she didn’t know and we didn’t know she didn’t know. Well, everyone knows now so it’s all good!

Lunch is finished and we head out. The destination is Memorial Hospital’s Administrative Building for the blood drive. One of the riders was smart—she saw the black cloud and put on her rain gear. I figured we’d beat the rain.

Boy, was I wrong.

This time of year, the weather is very unpredictable. We get no more than a few miles down the road when the first spattering of raindrops hit my windshield…..then became a downpour. I don’t mind riding in the rain, but this was pretty brutal. The big fat raindrops were beating down and owie, owie, owie. At one red light, I look at the gal I’m riding behind and say—

“This is the pits, you know I must love the MSR—either that or I’m an idiot”.

We laughed at the ridiculousness of our situation. Yes, we could stop, but hey, we were already wet. We push on.

Finally at our destination, I peel off the bike and run in. The MSR members there took one look at our soaking wet drowned rat appearance and burst out laughing. Yeah, I’d have laughed too…except it was me who was soaking wet! LOL….well, really, I was laughing anyways, getting mad wasn’t going to make me any drier so all that was left was to laugh. Just a page in a chapter of our lives.
The Blood Run was a lot of fun, the best part wasn’t giving blood (getting stuck by a needle is never fun); the fellowship of my friends was what made it a wonderful day. I will give props to my dear HOG member who braved his way to our blood drive and gave blood—for the first time in his life. To do it for us meant a lot to me.

We didn’t have as many blood donations as we wanted; however, we also know that the first time events are usually difficult. The Blood Run Chapter is closed….so now it is time to concentrate on our Breast Cancer Run. It’s our big event and we have quite a few really cool plans for the event.

Stay tuned for details…..

For the record, I did get dry and the ride home was uneventful. Of course, the rest of the day was not, but that is a story for tomorrow.

As always,

Keep The Shiny Side Up!

~The Rainbow Wahine

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Riding: To Infinity and Beyond....

I didn’t do much riding last weekend; my plans for my turnaround weekend trip to Sturgis blew up, so I decided to stay home. It seems that I had been on one type of adventure or another and I was—tired. So a break was a needed and welcomed concept.

Break done, now it is back to life!

This weekend is shaping up to be a busy one. Rumor on the street has it that I’ll be out riding with a shiny purple motorcycle. Well, I’m going to the HOG meeting first. Hopefully everyone will be at Sturgis and I *might* actually have a chance for a door prize!!


Saturday will be our Mountain Shadow Riders Chapter meeting. We have a great deal on the agenda—being that chapter elections are right around the corner. Our Breast Cancer Awareness ride is right around the corner so Saturday’s meeting will be a busy one. We have a lot of work to do and very little time to get it done. We will make it happen.

After the meeting, we’ll be kicking off The Blood Run. The Mountain Shadow Riders is holding a community blood drive. We have a short ride scheduled with a lunch stop, then we’ll ride down to donate blood. It’s a worthy cause and blood supply is normally very low at this time of year due to the increase of accidents. People not giving due to vacation or other summer activities also impacts the blood supply, so the MSR decided it was a good idea to do something to help ease the shortage.

We aren’t just a bunch of pretty faces in a social club, you know! Well, we are pretty faces, but we do want to give back to our community too!

Next week, of course, is the Women in Motorcycling Conference followed by the Salute to Veteran’s Day Parade and Rally in Cripple Creek. I won’t be able to make the Conference due to scheduling issues, but I know that the women behind the scenes have worked hard in getting this Conference off the ground. I will be there for the Rally, and look forward to seeing a great many of my friends there!!

After that, we have the Iron Butt. Yes, the route has been laid out and the plans are shaping up nicely. Where are we going? Well, I know its a thousand miles that-a-way and will happen over Labor Day Weekend. Stay tuned for more details and adventures preparing for and doing the actual ride….it will be an adventure!!

A couple of weeks later we are in mid-September and yes, it’s my birthday. I’m wondering what chrome doo-dad I’m wanting for my bike….trust me, the idea is forming!

Actually, I have located my hi-temp glue, worked on my design and ordered the parts. The great rhinestone derby cover experiment is about to begin. Gee, don’t I have enough on my plate as it is??
Well, that’s the mid-week report….

Keep the Shiny Side Up!

~The Rainbow Wahine

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

A New Baby In the Family

Rumor control has it that one of my fellow Mountain Shadow Riders is getting a new and ‘improved’ motorcycle…and it’s PURPLE!!

Sigh…my favorite color. I’m thrilled for her and I can’t wait to ride along with her and her new scoot. Rider and motorcycle will be present at our chapter meeting on Saturday. I can’t wait. I’ve seen this motorcycle, had the opportunity to actually sit on it (okay, not that particular bike, but her identical twin sister….

Congrats and I’m thrilled to be able to make the announcement to our MSR family….for once I beat Miss Kaybee to the punch *smile*..

Keep the Shiny Side Up!

~The Rainbow Wahine

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Motorcycle Derby Days

The Great Derby Switcheroo did happen….today.  I had a bit of time to get it done and my friend had her garage and lift available—so the chore was today.  

I was sad to make the decision to take my gold-leafed derby cover off, but the finish just didn’t hold with the higher temps.  Oh well, such is life and it was good while it lasted!  I’m still kicking around putting rhinestones or something on it…now that I know how easy it is to change the cover!!

As long as the bike was in a straight up and vertical position (rather than leaned on the side stand), I could change the cover with no loss of fluid.  Great!  
Putting the bike on the stand took longer—since neither of us had ever used the stand (sigh, it was my friends dad’s stand so we both are first-timers).  Okay, figuring out how to work the darn thing took longer!!  LOL….but we got it figured out.

After getting the bike on the stand, it was a matter of getting the five bolts off—and it was simple enough.  Those out, cover comes off.  Take new cover out, put on a new gasket, line everything up, tighten up bolts in a star pattern…

Easy enough!  I think the actual job took ten minutes (that includes just gabbing about girl stuff too).

Now, how to get the bike off the stand??

Needless to say, it took just as long to get the bike down as it did up.  

Yes, it is kinda important!

Seeing how easy it is, I’m thinking that I’m going to start changing my own fluids and stuff.  Seems simple enough.

Well, that was my adventure for the day.

The Fatboy looks strange with a plain derby cover.  

Sigh, I’ll have to think of something….

Keep the Shiny Side Up!

~The Rainbow Wahine

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Hi, I’m a New Motorcycle Rider…..

Where can I find someone to ride with to get experience?

This question has been posed to me numerous times in the past few weeks.  I’m finding that women are having a difficult time riding in with other riders.   Many women ride with their partners—but what do they do when their partner does not ride?

These are women that want others to ride with so some type of group riding is in order.  One group of friends do not ride together simply because the experience levels don’t mesh well; everyone wants to ride their own and it turns into a big mess.

Certainly, it is my right to ride my own style.  However, it is my responsibility to encourage new riders and teach them the proper methods of riding—solo as well as the dynamics of group riding.  Yes, that means I can’t go screaming over Hoosier Pass with my hair on fire, but that is okay, the road will be there some other time.

Especially in light of the criticism coming from the non-motorcycling groups regarding the statistics in injuries and deaths in motorcycling accidents, it is my responsibility to contribute positively to the sport.  Rider education only goes so far; after that the skills shift to the rider to gain experience.  If my patience helps a rider from getting into an accident, it’s a step forward.

I have had the experience of wonderful group riding and quite the opposite—group riding at its worst.  It is confusing and dangerous and I’ll admit I wasn’t happy.  Perhaps I have been spoiled by those around me who took the time and had the patience to teach me, but I sure do appreciate their efforts!  It is only fair to pay it forward.  

With the number of new riders starting entering into the sport of motorcycling, the accident numbers will increase.  Couple that with manufacturers building bigger and faster machines and selling them to new riders does not help either.  There’s no blame or finger pointing at manufacturers, retailers or consumers; it is simply what it is.  I cannot do much about what the trends are, but I can do something about teaching my fellow noobie rider—that is if he or she is interested in learning.  And they should be.  

Pavement hurts!

Keep the Shiny Side Up!

~The Rainbow Wahine


Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Homebound from Steamboat Springs

We were there, now we had to get home!  Morning was a menagerie of waking styles; I was up at 6:30 AM and out the door for a run.  Approximately two miles up and then the two miles back.  Shower, breakfast, and pack up.  

The girls all decide to take different routes:  Shari and Christina want to head due east and then south, Christine E and Wendy want to go eat breakfast, and Karla, Jeanne and I still have some last minute fiddle-farting around.  Oy, I have a three-quarters full bag with my computer and other gear, so I’m still getting together.  My bike is up on the parking deck so I decide to ride it down by the door so I don’t have to haul the bag in.

While I ride down, I notice a bunch of little ones sitting on the steps of another condo.  I wave at them and pull up to our door.  As I am getting my bags on, the mother and one little boy of five or so walks over and wants to look at my bike.  Feeling the pipes, they are still cool from the ride down so I ask the little boy if he wants to sit on the bike.  

Boys and motorcycles…you know that goes together like peanut butter and jelly.  He was quite enthralled and asked me lots of questions.  It was such a neat moment.  His brother was curious enough to come down as well and had his turn on the seat.

I’m finished packing up and we head out.  The route is the same way back except no dirt roads and no lightning!!  LOL!!  Karla takes the lead and we head out over Rabbit Ears and Mule Creek Pass.  It’s fun riding the twisties with Karla.  As our Chapter Director of the Mountain Shadow Riders, she leads quite a few rides, but rides to accommodate all the riders so often enough doesn’t get to ride at her skill level.  

Today was an exception and through the passes she went.  I know she practices her skills at every given opportunity and she took advantage of knowing that Jeanne and I would fend for ourselves and off she went.  As a rider, I think that Karla is the better skilled than I so no worries-- I kept up when I could and let her get away when it got to be too much.  I would catch her eventually!  

The ride in was quite fun and without mishap!   We even had the opportunity to Scavenger Hunt…as I snag the photo for Chimney Rock, direction signpost and even a stagecoach!  

It was a fun day and a great weekend!  The ride up, a night in Steamboat Springs with great company, the ride down, Scavenger Hunting and a Purple Corvette!!

Next on deck is the Patriot Guard ride on August 5.  My Sturgis trip hit a snag and I decided to delay the trip until next year.  Oh well, such is life.  Instead, I’ll be riding a funeral procession with the Patriot Guard Riders.    

Until then, back to “normal” life!

Keep the Shiny Side Up!
~The Rainbow Wahine