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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Saturday: A Cold Motorcycle Day

I awoke to temps in the mid 20’s and as I was debating on riding down to our Mountain Shadow Riders' meeting, my friend Karla calls me and wants to know if I’m riding.  Snap decision:  yes!  She groans and says she’s gearing up!  Yes, it was cold, but it was only 10 or so miles.  We had three riders:  Karla, Sandy and I were the only ones crazy/stupid to get out in the cold!!!

I’ll say it again:  yes it was cold but I was sooo happy to be back in the saddle again!  Especially my saddle!   It was a great feeling to be zooming down Powers on the back of my not so shiny Harley.  It seems that my resident cat, Shadow decided to leave ‘pussy prints’ all over my bike.  Yes, that can be an offense that the death penalty is the end result, but he means no harm and it’s easily cleaned.    Not to mention the fact that I’ve already done damage enough when I dropped the V-Star and the Harley last summer.  So how can I be mad at a cat that walks on my bike?

Besides, if it’s that big of a deal, then I need to just put a motorcycle cover on the Harley and/or the V-Star.  Problem solved.

We settled down to order and worked on the various issues concerning our little group.   One was voting on our riding contest for the year.  We had several great ideas that ranged from riding the peaks, historical markers, bodies of water in Colorado and lastly the Scavenger Hunt.  I was particularly partial to the Scavenger Hunt since I was the one that put it together.  We have a huge list of items that we have to hunt down. Some are native to Colorado only, but some are just wacky things.  With over 300 items on the list, it’ll be fun to see what people come up with.

We voted and the Scavenger Hunt is the ride contest for ’06!  Since we are required to have a photo of the item in question and our bike (and ourselves if we can manage it), I’ll post them as I accumulate them.   Now, who has a purple corvette???

Another activity that was brought up and discussed was the idea of a blood run.  In short, we will put together a short ride and the end point will be at the blood mobile.  After all, if there’s an accident involving a motorcyclist, chances are there will be blood on the pavement.  So as motorcyclists, we thought it was a good idea to do something that would give to the medical community.  

The state of Colorado does not allow donors to bank blood for a specific cause, but if the chance that we could help one rider is there, then it’s worth looking at.  Even such, if our donated blood goes to help save a life, then I’m all for making the donation!  So we’ll ride down, have lunch, and give blood.  My peers agreed that it was a good idea so we voted to put in on the calendar as an activity in August.  Anyone nearby that would be interested in participating, let me know.   Of if you are too far away and like the idea, put it into play in your neck of the woods.

On another note, my friend Mickey is taking the Motorcycle Safety Course this weekend.  She’s earned my respect since it’s 33 degrees out there!!!  Karla, Jeanne and I are going to ride down to the site later today and cheer her on!!   Is there a better way to show support for a future biker chick than to have a gang of girl riders show up on their bikes?   I think not!!!  

Interestingly enough, there are six females in her class.  Two are scooter riders!!  I think it’s great!!!  I was the only female in my class and I took mine in July so I was riding in full gear in 90+ temps.  

Still, I’d rather be hot than freeze.

Keep the Shiny Side Up!

~The Rainbow Wahine

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