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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Theft Rates and Crash Statistics

Thanks to Lawrence at Biker Diaries for giving me the heads up on this interesting blurb of information!

It seems that the folks at Progressive Insurance have analyzed their motorcycle claim data on theft and crashes and published their findings. Lawrence does an excellent job of talking about the top and bottom 10 of both crashes and thefts, so if you want to read his take on it, please check out his blog.

Naturally, I’m curious to see where the Springs ranks so I check out Progressive's full list. This is the top 100 of crashes and thefts of motorcycles of populations over 500,000. For population size, Colorado Springs ranks 79th. For collisions, the Springs ranks in at 20th and for thefts it is 40th.

I wasn’t surprised at what I found. Seeing that Honolulu is ranked number one for motorcycle theft is not surprising since I’ve had the opportunity to live and insure a bike in Hawaii. Yes, the premium is expensive! The other cities that follow are a bit surprising since the percentages don’t necessarily follow the population ranking. This is a handy reminder to remember to take precautions to secure your motorcycle when out traveling this summer.

The crash ranking was quite interesting. Since I’ve driven in most of the cities, the list makes sense.

What concerns me at the moment is that I will be riding when I go to San Diego next month. I was surprised to see how high it ranked in both lists.

Finally, this should serve as a reminder to always exercise extreme caution when riding and to be sure to secure your bike when parking.

Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean anything as my fellow rider friend Bland can attest to. His beloved motorcycle was stolen last summer. Ouch.

Stay safe and secure and as always, keep the shiny side up!

~The Rainbow Wahine

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