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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Short Putt...and I Gotta Get One of Those!!!

As I am always crunched for time, I took advantage of an opening in my schedule for a very short putt...

I did get an acceptance on the offer I made on the home that I'm interested in buying. So, today was home inspection day. Seeing that I had to run home to get that all important checkbook (who carries that around on a daily basis any more??), I decided to hop on the motorcycle instead of continuing my journey by mom-mobile.

The new home is only a few miles away from me, but I didn't care. Just rolling down the road for a short jaunt is better than no jaunt, right?? Besides, with gasoline pushing upwards towards that unbelievable $4.00 mark....well, any time to conserve fuel (and dollars) is a good idea.

It was nice to get the wind in my hair for a bit and not be cold. Finally, the end of April and I have a day that I'm not all bundled up!! Whooohooooo for me.

Inspection done and homeward bound. I did have to swap out vehicles to go and get my munchkin. Sighhhhhh...(almost) too short to ride.

After obtaining my little one, I scooted home to find my neighbors working on this huge trailer. Seems that they've invested in a covered trailer to Yes, that's right. They have trailer capabilities. Yes, I know that there are huge debates regarding "trailering" motorcycles, and honestly, I do not care if one trailers or rides.....after suffering through miles of 2 mph traffic for hours to get out of Myrtle Beach.....the idea doesn't sound too bad.

But I'm getting away from my story. As my neighbors are installing the wheel chocks and what have you (and imagine two men installing this equipment--without reading instructions, lol). They decided to have the all-important test of loading a motorcycle into the trailer. Good idea, I think and settle in to watch.

My son, who has been fascinated with motorcycles since he was teeny, stopped his bicycle riding to watch. He came up to me and said "mom, do you think I can ride on that?"

Hmmmmmmmmmmmm......the time has started? Maybe? After the successful loading and more importantly, unloading of said shiny Harley Davidson, I asked my neighbor if he would mind giving Alex a little ride on the back. "Little" meaning turning the motorcycle around and pulling back up into the garage. My neighbor agreed and on Alex went.

Compared to my "little" putt machine, my neighbor's motorcycle is the bomb. A fully dressed hard bagger and CVO to that a rider and passenger can ride many many many miles comfortably. I can do the same on mine, mind you....I doubt a passenger would survive as long.

So Alex is riding his first "on the back" ride...on a really cool motorcycle. Yes, he's been on the back of my friend's trike, but this is the first on two wheels. As he rides by, I comment to another neighbor...I gotta get one of those!

Yeah....just to haul my little one around. I'd guess that it'd "have" to have all the bells and whistles as that CVO does too *wink*.

He he he....

Keep the shiny side up!

~The Rainbow Wahine

Friday, April 25, 2008

It's April????

Well, it's been crazy weather here in Colorado. Or has it been "normal" versus the previous years of superfantastic weather?? I dunno, but pleeeeeeeeaze bring me back superfantastic!!!

I did get out for a bit last weekend. No mountain riding, but rather, just riding the roads in town. I've been out house hunting since I'm having to move. Not from this lovely town, mind you--just having to leave my house. The homeowners are not renewing my lease. Something about a biker and her biker trash....

NO NO NO! Not really. My landlord has been overseas and is finally returning and they want their home back. Can't really blame them...I love it here.

So my weekend has been filled with riding the neighborhoods on the bike--out scouting homes. Not too bad, by any means....I've gotten really good at making U-Turns in neighborhood streets again. It's amazing how quickly I've gotten "rusty" at those skills.

Interestingly, I've discovered that while out on the motorcycle, I pull up to a home for sale, hop off the bike and grab a flyer...and while I stand out front reading the info on the home, the owner comes out and chats about the bike, and then I get an invite to tour their home! No pressure and I get to ask questions like "how are your neighbors, how much is your utility bill" kinda things that an agent really can't answer.

I've got an offer out on the table at the moment and I think it's been accepted...I should find out later this afternoon. If so, I'll be packing. OH wait, I'm packing anyway since I know I have to move. At least after today, I'll know where I'm moving too...I hope.

I should have a riding adventure soon least hope to.

Until then, I hope that you've gotten out for many putts and adventures...I need to live vicariously through you!!

Keen the shiny side up!

~The Rainbow Wahine