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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Is $35 A Good Deal???

I made my way down to the local Harley Davidson shop yesterday afternoon to order a new set of keys.  If you didn’t know…I lost my key riding down Powers Boulevard on Saturday.  

I found it Sunday afternoon, but it had been run over by the sixty two bazillion cars that use Powers.  It was pretty much squashed flat.

So I take my title down to the Harley shop.  They require “official” paperwork for security reasons.  They punch in the number and look up the key code and shazaam they order my keys.  Keys meaning plural since I can’t order one key only.  I have to order two.  Keys were $16 a pop.

I whip out my handy dandy credit card and do the deed since I need keys.  The parts desk person looks at me and says “don’t you have two keys with your bike?”  I’m thinking….Well, if I did, would I be ordering more keys?   I didn’t say anything because it was a rather stupid question to ask.  

We did chit-chat about how long I have been riding and talked a bit about my V-Star and why I have two bikes.  Nothing really in depth.  Hey, he’s making small talk while punching up my info.

While I was signing my credit card receipt, Mr. Parts Man comments, “Hey, $35 dollars isn’t too bad”.


For TWO keys??  I could get two keys made down at my local Home Depot for way less than that.  So how does he figure it’s a good deal??  Grrrrrrrr.   Yeah, I’d be getting a good deal for a set of Vance and Hines slash downs or some chrome thingamabob.  But for two keys??  

He can live in his fantasy world, I’ll live in mine.

When I get those two darn keys, I’ll be sure to have my local locksmith cut me a couple extra ones.  Yes, I’ll admit, I have a tendency to lose my keys.  Mostly in my house, nonetheless, since my son thinks it’s cool to hide my stuff.  That’s where my other key is, BTW.

I have a service appointment on Thursday for my 7,500 mile checkup.  That ought to be quite entertaining, I’m thinking!!

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KT Did said...

Boy, your girls are getting new rides everywhere!! How exciting! Spring has sprung.