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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Lo and Behold...It's STILL SNOWING!

I think there's been three whole rides this year. I should not complain, I know--since the folks in some parts of this great country have been frozen for a long long time.

So not much writing about motorcycle riding. I did, however, get to add a "new" gadget to my stable of gadgets...

"Announcing, the greatest invention for people that can't find their way out of a paper bag....."

The Zumo.

Yes, folks, I finally decided to break down and add one to my motorcycle. For all of you Goldwing riders out there...please don't poke fun at this Fatboy riding chickie...and yes, I know, I somehow have lost respect from my Harley riding (and non Harley riding) friends.

Sigh, no more being on the dark side. I'm truly yuppi-fied!

I've only had one opportunity to put the Zumo to the test while out on the motorcycle, and no, it really wasn't a test since I was just out for a group ride and didn't plot to go anywhere. Rather, it was on and I was just paying attention to the map.

I'll have plenty of time to put the gadget to the test out on the bike...later.

However, out of the box, there are two mounts--one that bolts to my motorcycle and a suction mount that I leave in my car. The suction mount is great--I have the mount on the windshield glass. The assembly comes with two power that I keep in my van and the other is hardwired to my motorcycle. The only thing I have to move is the Zumo itself.

Just remember in a few states that mounting on a car windshield is a no-no.

I did get the 550 model--so I have the optional upgrades to XM radio and stuff, but what I really wanted was the bluetooth. I have not utilized the bluetooth functionality on the motorcycle, however, in my vehicle...I love it! Hands free speakerphone for my cell while in my car. I've paired my cellphone to my Zumo and it automatically goes to handsfree mode while I'm in the car.

I'll have to wait until it warms up a bit and I get out on the road on my motorcycle to test the other features. However, what I've seen so far has been terrific. I've been a fan of GPS for a number of years...I had an old Garmin system in my van before--so this is an upgrade for me.

I'm just excited that I can now have GPS capability on my motorcycle.

I don't want to hear the noise...oh wait, maybe I am riding a Goldwing ...

Keep the Shiny Side Up!

~The Rainbow Wahine