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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Lil’ Bit and Her New Ride

The Mountain Shadow Riders had our open house yesterday and it was a blast!!!!!! I won’t write about it yet…I’ll put it in later tonight after I get home from RIDING!!!

It’s 8:20 AM and the temp is 48 degrees…what a lovely day!

We have a new rider—well; she’s a rider in training! Jeanne, my hot blonde Dyna riding girlfriend has a 16-year old daughter (Sonya) who is a new scooter rider!! Whoooooo Hooooooo! Jeanne initially wanted to get her a motorcycle to scoot around town but come to find out that a minor can’t hold a full motorcycle endorsement until the age of 18. She can get a minor’s endorsement which allows her to ride….accompanied by an adult rider. She can’t ride alone which defeats the purpose of economical transportation.

She can, however, ride a vehicle that’s under 50cc’s without an endorsement…so guess who’s the owner of a shiny, bright red Beamer scooter??

Here she is test driving a scoot. Mind you, Jeanne's out there being the mom....even up to the point of Sonya riding away....and Jeanne's saying "I can't look, I can't look".

Sonya’s just so very proud of her little scoot and guess what mom and daughter are doing today?? Having mini scooter school!

I can see The Blonde Smoothie Scooter School class of '06...they'll kill each other--ha ha ha!

We were talking nicknames and Sonya said “I’m a Biker-In-Training”. In a flash, I put the initials together: “B-I-T”. I was going to try and spin the initials with a C-H into it, but Sonya is just a sweet young lady. No way would that ever work oh her. Then I realized that “bit” was a word and worked out to be Lil’ Bit for Little Biker-In-Training.

I gave her a ride bell to put on her scoot (we were at the bike shop, so how easy can that be?) so it’s on her bike and she’s good to go. Karla was kind enough to offer to haul the scoot home in the back of her trucklet so it’s tucked away safe in sound right next to mom’s big honkin’ Harley.

So Sonya is a Biker In Training on a Wanna Be Bike!!!

She is going to take the motorcycle safety course in May and she’ll ride a regular motorcycle. She’ll carry the endorsement and am sure she will ride with mom. Especially if the evil girls of the Mountain Shadow Riders can find a beater bike to stick in the garage……

Congrats on your new scoot, Lil’ Bit!! A girl after my own heart—she’s on a red scoot to boot!!

Keep the Shiny Side Up!!

~The Rainbow Wahine

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