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Sunday, March 04, 2007

The Brass Nut Run

One word.....BRRRRRRRR.

Okay, not really a word, but it was a cold ride! Normally scheduled on New Year's Day by Outpost Harley Davidson of Pueblo, Colorado, The Brass Nut Run is a fairly big t0-do. What a way to kick off the New Year, right?

Except it snowed.

So it was rescheduled.

Then it snowed on that date.

Then rescheduled for March 4th. Ideally, it could still a matter of fact, March is "supposedly" the month for the most snow. I hope that is wrong since we have had an incredible amount of snow. Then again, any snow is too much, LOL!!

Although I had promised myself that I wasn't going to ride in the cold and freeze, I somehow was convinced that it wouldn't be too terribly cold (except for very early in the morning), and the day would warm up to be a nice one.

I can say that it was freezing cold and the day did not warm up to be a nice one. Or maybe it did, but my brain (and the rest of me) was too cold to notice!!

However, I did get out for a scoot and the short amount of "fairly" warm weather I did get to recognize and ride it...was nice.

I've gotten to be a fair-weather rider--I think from the Iron Butt my friends and I did in September. I was so cold for so long that I just don't tolerate it very well anymore.

Or maybe it's just old age.......

Nahhhhhhhhhhhhh....I'm not getting old...

I did get my brass nut, however!!

Keep The Shiny Side Up!!

~The Rainbow Wahine

Friday, March 02, 2007

March Already

I've had two days of motorcycling for 2007 *sob*. I'm getting tired of waiting.

This weekend is the rescheduled and re-rescheduled Brass Nuts Run. Put on by Outpost Harley Davidson of Pueblo, the run will head out to Canon City. However, the only two trips made for '07 were out that way...and here's the third.

Well, if the weather holds, anyway. Forecast says 54 degrees for Sunday. Of course, the forecast says snow tonight and the temp is currently at 18 degrees.


I know, I live in Colorado. Is winter over yet?

So for "alternative" activities....Ghost Rider was one outing. This weekend Wild Hogs is on the agenda. Both had gotten rotten we'll see.

Other than that, it's pretty much quiet in the motorcycling world. Spring hurry up!!!