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Friday, March 31, 2006

Why The Star and The Harley

Someone posed this question to me the other day: Why do I have a V-Star and a Fatboy and why two cruisers?

Good question.

Since I had only had my V-Star only a few months before I purchased my Fatboy, it makes no sense when someone looks at the end result. Both bikes are cruisers and basically the same ‘class’ of motorcycle.

I started on cool Honda CR250R—yowza—a hot machine of the 1980’s in my junior year of High School. A pretty bad crash about ended it all for me but thankfully it did not. I putzed around years after on other machines off and on through the years, but the fever never really took hold. I’d ride on occasion on the back of my now ex-husband’s motorcycles, but it was never a big deal to get out on my own.

One day I decided I needed a new hobby. I wanted to do something that would allow me to do alone or as a group. I knew that the Springs had a women’s riding group so I was intrigued to have found an outlet that was fun and social. Of course, I knew I needed a motorcycle so I started researching what I wanted in a bike.

I also knew that my divorce was not final and figured with the timing, it would have been finalized around mid-July so that’s when I knew I was going to pull the trigger and get my bike. It also gave me time to do the necessary research and talk to as many bike owners as I could.

The biggest concern I had was what size motorcycle to buy. The largest I had ridden before I purchased my V-Star was a 750cc Honda Shadow ACE. I didn’t particularly like the way it fit me, but I had no issues with the bike since it wasn’t mine. I had at one time ridden a Heritage Softail, but I don’t count that since I think I rode it some 300 hundred feet. I was more afraid of dropping it and how awful I would feel so I didn’t stay long in the saddle.

Since I was familiar with the Honda motorcycles and was not too crazy about the fit, I knew it wasn’t going to be a Honda. I liked the Suzuki and the Yamaha so I looked at both. However, in looks, I think the Yamaha has a bit of an edge over the other brands, so I knew I was more partial to the V-Stars. However, that brought an entirely different issue to the table since I knew I would be limited to either the 650cc or the 1100 cc version. Upon research of highway speeds, I found that the biggest complaint was at 75-80 mph. Most owners find there’s not much left after 80 mph. In Colorado, interstate speed limits are already 75 mph and I knew I wanted a bit more after that since most interstate drivers use the speed limit as a minimum rather than a limit.

That left the 1100. Yes, I could have looked at the Boulevard or Vulcan—both were 800 cc motorcycles and would have done the job very nicely. After sitting on both, I just wasn’t comfortable with either so back I went to the V-Star. Difference in weight between the 650 and 1100 is less than 60 pounds. So why not go for it??

I was happy with my purchase then and still feel that way today. Was I afraid when I rode it off the lot?? Absolutely!! My neighbor who drove me up to the dealership still thinks I’m crazy to this day!!

So why did I get my Fatboy three months later? How about a deal that was too good to pass up. I’ve always loved the styling of the Fatboy and think it’s a really cool motorcycle. I also knew that I was no where ready to ride something that big. In all honesty, I was content to ride my Star for a couple of years then trade up to the Fatboy.

That was the deal until one of my friends finds me a purple Fatboy! I love purple and would love to have a purple bike. I guess my friends got tired of me crying about it so they solved the problem. It was a private sale and was a good deal so one my girlfriends and I decided to ride down and take a look-see.

It wasn’t purple any longer. Evidently the owner had been trouble trying to sell it because of the color so decided to change the tank set on the motorcycle. I was about a week too late! I was disappointed, but after purple, I love red so it was entirely possible that I could change my mind. We talked dollars and as a result, the deal was sealed.

I know that this isn’t the only Fatboy (or motorcycle) I’ll fall in love with. But knowing myself, it was such a good deal that had I walked away from it, I’d be kicking myself to this day. Do I regret my purchase? Absolutely not! Do I regret the fact that I have two motorcycles? Nope.

I did learn my lesson, however. I quit griping about that purple motorcycle. Someone would just solve that problem for me…which I already know I don’t need another bike. Well, I don’t ‘need’ two but when it comes down to need versus want…well….I know myself well enough to understand that logic doesn’t figure in a love affair!!!

As I firmly walked away from that gorgeous yellow Road King…I’d be in serious trouble if I found a purple Road King Custom. It was bad enough to resist the purple Victory I know is sitting on the showroom floor at Rocky Mountain Cycle Plaza! I was fortunate to actually ride one of those machines and yes…..must…..resist…..motorcycle.

Gee…don’t you wish you had my problems??? LOL…

Keep the Shiny Side Up!!

~The Rainbow Wahine

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