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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Trouble on the Internet

I just had to blurb…my girlfriend and one partner in crime has her story featured in a new Women’s Motorcycle Magazine!! “Trouble” AKA Carolee is the Secretary for the Colorado Springs’ Mountain Shadow Riders. We are a chapter of the National Women on Wheels riding organization.

The magazine is called WomenRidersNow and is dedicated to women and the sport of motorcycle riding. The site is a source of news and an information network geared towards women. Check out Carolee's article. I think it rocks and kudos to her for submitting the article!!!

I think it's funny that her bike's name is Lucky. Lucky can rumble too..vrrroooommmmm. She's got quite a set of pipes on her *smile*.

You rock, girl and I’m thrilled that your article made the cut! You always work behind the scenes (as the ‘official’ photographer to our outings) so pics of you are a rarity! Not to mention that this is one hot babe!! Too bad she’s married…………..LOL.

Keep the shiny side up or Trouble’s gonna get cha!!!

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