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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Frames, Saddlebags, Primer and Riding!

I rode this afternoon! Yipee!!!

I left the house early this afternoon; my thermometer said 34 degrees…

We had a high of 41. I’ll take it…… was clear.

I didn’t go far….I made it to the Harley Store. I needed to get my saddlebags on my bike and have been putting it off. I needed the support frames and finally the dealership had them in stock. Of course, I could have ordered them in. Truth be told, I always found something else to buy instead!

Of course, the frames aren’t compatible with the quick-release sissy bar. Why is that so? Probably so I could be talked into getting something more expensive!

After tinkering around a bit, I figured out a work around. For once, it was a cheap fix. Cost me all of $1.50! Score one for the girl Harley rider in red!

My bags are really cool too. They are really, really, really old! They aren’t overly humongous either, which is a good thing for me. I carry a small handbag on purpose. The larger it gets, the more stuff I end up hauling around. So the smaller bag forces me to consolidate and keep it simple. The bags, being as old as they are—are also unique…I’ve never seen any like them!

I can now take the backpack off the back of my bike. I like it…it’s small and carries everything I need. Actually, I’ll move it to the V-Star.

I also got the primer on my engine guard. It’ll dry and hopefully in the next week or two I’ll get back to getting that leafed. Then again, since I got the rhinestones on my chaps, I want to put the rhinestones on them! Then again, we can always start with the primary cover *smile*.

It’s been a busy motorcycle day, which is time well spent, in my opinion. Got to do some home maintenance now, so I’ll close.

Keep the shiny side up!!

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