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Sunday, February 19, 2006

The Scooter Gurl Has INK!!!

I awoke to a record low of MINUS five degrees.....yikes!!!

The day was clear and calm....just cold....brrrrrrr.....

What to do on a Sunday that's too cold and icy to ride??

Go to the Motorcycle Show and Swap Meet at the Phil Long Expo Center!

My friends and I had planned to go today because rumor central reported that our Bergman rider, Kelly--aka Scooter Gurl, had woke up one morning with new ink and had to enter it in the motorcycle show tattoo contest.

Karla, Jeanne and I met up around noon and wandered around the Expo Center. We wandered around the booths, shopped and looked at the bikes. In the process we met our MSR Co-Director Wendy, Past Director Chris, Rodney....and Paul and the notorious Scooter Gurl. Yeah, we asked about the ink and sure enough, the rumor was true!!!

What a cool tat it is!! I like tattoos--as long as they are on someone else. The way I see it is that I have cellulite--and that's permanent enough on my bootie as it I don't feel the need to add anything else-ha ha ha. I also got to check out her navel ring. Now, that's really cool.....

Not to mention that I have a gift card from one of the local tattoo shops. I managed to snag it in a prize drawing from one of our rides. Me, the girl who won't do ink gets a gift card to the tattoo store. Just my luck! Of course, I was eyeing her belly ring too...hmmm...maybe I can put that gift card to use after all *smile*!

Back to the subject--so we wander to the stage where the contest is being held and there's a very large amount of people crammed into a small room. The styles of ink range from really great to really bizarre. It's certainly entertaining to watch! We were even lucky to observe a man in his boxers...hmmmm....I could have made the day without seeing THAT!!!

After two long hours, it's time for Kelly to show her stuff. And HOW!! Yowza! This chickie ain't camera shy, that's for darn sure!!! And what a cute tat!!

I didn't stay around for the results, but at any rate...Scooter Gurl gets my respect because she stood up and strutted her stuff and had fun doing it!!

Really....isn't that why we ride???

Keep the shiny side up, ROCK!!

1 comment:

scooter girl said...

Dang it, I didn't win! The winner was a guy that had a tattoo of Johnny Depp dressed up as Capt Jack from Pirates of the Carribean.

Paul was pretty bummed. He wants me to switch categories and try again in Cripple Creek! I'm not too sure about'll be 3 days in a row going to Cripple Creek if I enter the contest. Altho, by then my giraffe will have her baby tattoo'd right next to her. Yes, you heard me right...I'm getting addition to the original tat

luv ya, Christine