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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Colorado Gold WOW Meeting

Three representatives from the Mountain Shadow Riders (Chapter Director Karla, Jeanne, and I) drove up yesterday to help support the Colorado Gold chapter of the Women On Wheels. They are in the process of reorganizing and re-starting their group up after a period of non-activity.

Our morning was a cold one—the temps were well below freezing and there was a large amount of packed snow and ice on the residential streets. Once we got on the major highway, it was clear. Still bitterly cold, but clear!

There were quite a few ladies that showed up for the meeting—I think about ten in all. I know there’s a pretty good population of women riders since Denver is a large city. Overall, the meeting was very positive and there was a lot of energy and ideas bantered about. We even had a few men. Of course..with a group of women bikers?? Yeah, the men are sure to follow *smile*!

They have a good bit of work to do, but if today was any indication of how they will do, then I think the group will be fine. We talked briefly about a camping trip with the three Colorado chapters. Can you imagine? A group of girls, on motorycles, camping?

LOL!! From my road warrior days, I pack light! I know that I will have no problem swinging the camping trip. For some of my sister bikers…well, that’s another story!!

Congrats to the Colorado Gold Chapter! I hope to ride with you soon!!

Keep the Shiny Side Up!!

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