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Thursday, February 16, 2006

It's Twenty Outside

I awoke to a brilliant, gorgeous day….and snow on the ground. I have no idea of the temps, but the weather channel thingy in my icon tray says 20 degrees, so I’m pretty confident that it’s cold outside!!

Of course, I had to step out to snap these photos of my front yard and yes...IT'S BLASTED COLD!!!

The Denver Chapter of the Women on Wheels is having their chapter meeting this coming Saturday. We were supposed to ride up, but it looks like it will be by the cages instead of by motorcycle. I was going to drive anyway, since I have my son that afternoon and he’s still too little to ride on the back.

Next weekend is a totally different story. We are supposed to be in the mid-50’s starting Thursday and it is supposed to continue through the weekend! I have to be motorcycle crazy if I’m doing the happy dance with temperatures in the mid-50’s!!!!!! If it is clear you bet your bottom dollar that I will be out riding!

Until then, I am anxiously awaiting the bazillion rhinestones I ordered. Not only are my chaps red, they’ll be SHINY!!! The red, shiny gurl…..yeah, that’s me!!!

As always, keep the shiny side up!!!

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