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Monday, February 27, 2006

What's In Your Saddle Bags?

It’s already started. The bitty bag noise. He he he. I knew someone would say something about it and it only took one day!

“Gee, those are some tiny saddlebags you have on your bike.”

Yes, they are. I happen to LIKE them!

If you didn't know, I installed my Saddlebags on my Harley on Saturday.

I don’t feel the need or have the desire to carry around the kitchen sink on the back of my motorcycle. In my typical female-ness—if I have the space, I need to fill the brim.

So, what’s in my right saddlebag (feel like you are peeking into someone’s medicine cabinet when you use their restroom?)……

Rain gear, (top and bottom)
Sun block
Map book
Registration, proof of insurance, emergency contact card
Winter gloves
Neoprene gloves
Ear warmer
Neck gaiter
Riding lenses (clear, yellow, bronze)
12-volt lead w/phone and iPod charging cable (I moved it from under my tank to my bag)
Ziploc bags
Couple of grocery bags
Small cosmetic bag—‘girl stuff’, couple of granola bars, Kleenex, baby wipes, bandaids, benedryl, extra contact lens, case, and lens solution, toothbrush, toothpaste, and tylenol.
Couple of tools

Left saddlebag:

Cargo net
Steel cable/lock
Bungee cords

My right bag is full, my left bag is basically empty. I can put my jacket liner, extra shirt and stuff I normally don’t carry as needed. I use the steel cable and thread it through my leather jacket arms and wrap it around the one saddle bag. It secures the jacket to the bike and locks the bag as well.

What else do I need?? I can’t think of anything else.

Besides, if I ever need to go somewhere where there is no place to buy anything, I’ll just invite my friend Karla along. She carries everything!!!

Keep the shiny side up!


Gymi said...

Hey Christine,
Just found your blog through KT's, I use my buddies saddle bags to carry my extra gear. I guess I'm a freeloader that way. But I just got a set of soft bags for my B-Day so I don't have to free load as much.
Like the blog, keep up the good work.

Later, Gymi

Christine said...

LOL...I've been known to freeload that thru last riding season without bags either. I've had them, just not on the bike!!

I checked out your blog as's a great read!

Beaker said...

Better to be prepared than sit there thinking "gee, should have bought one of those along" .....but.... your missing one very important blog tool - the camera!! You've just gotta take pix on every ride you do and post em right here.

Cool blog - keep it going, but make sure you add some pix!!!

Christine said...

Oh, my camera stays on my hip in my iPod carrier....I bring it...and yes, I'll get them up as soon as I download them...LOL!

KT Did said...

I like to carry the "just in case" stuff and that usually packs it pretty good. I never really unpack...Just add water, gaterade and snacks for the ride. My big test will be Laughlin--cramming it all in!