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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

March Madness

There’s a lot going on next month.

I’m headed out to San Diego to visit a friend and do some riding…so I HOPE it will be warmer. I’m really looking forward to the trip out. I’ve never been to San Diego before and everyone I’ve talked to says it’s beautiful.

We have a ride scheduled for March 11 after our Chapter meeting. We are going to head out to The Wonder Tower in Genoa, Colorado. No one I’ve talked to has heard of it, so off we go. We opened the ride up to the Colorado Springs Chapter of the Women in the Wind and to the Women on Wheels Colorado Gold Chapter as well. I hope the weather holds.

March 19th is the Polar Bear Poker Run. They are supposed to ride no matter what the temps are. We’ll see if I’m out there with those crazy people. Heck, who am I foolin’, I probably will.

On the 25th the MSR has an open house next month at Rocky Mountain Cycle Plaza to promote the Mountain Shadow Riders. It’ll be fun. I get to work the early shift and set up!! Been working behind the scenes with Jeanne (she’s been doing all the work, this woman is a dynamo!) and have a blurb to write on how to join our Yahoo Group. Being that I’m the group administrator, I couldn’t hand that one off, could I? I think we are doing brats. It’ll be interesting. I know it’s funny to watch men tend to fire….they are always messing with it.

A bunch of women…would they mess with the fire?? Hmmm…. I will say (and say it proudly and without malice) that we have some hard-charging Alpha Females in our group. I’m sure one of the Cartel won’t be able to resist poking at the fire. Heck, I’d bet on it *smile*…..

I’d work the show all day, but I have to be in Denver to catch Mama Mia at the Denver Performing Arts Center that evening. It’s a true biker chickie to evening-gown clad gurl. It’ll be fun. Too bad I can’t manage it on my bike….the CCT HOG LOH has their dice ride on Sunday and I’d be right there……sigh.

There’s a whole lot more going on, but I can’t be at all of them, so I’ll have to pick and choose. So many choices, so little time (and warmth at this point).

Somewhere along the line I have to do homework and laundry. And put together a ride. Ohhh…I get to pick where we are going!!!

Keep the shiny side up!!

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