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Monday, February 13, 2006

Sturgis '06

It looks like I’m going to go to Sturgis this year.  With my timetable, I’ll be there before the rally, which I honestly prefer.  The rally will be crazy and it would be great to see all the really cool motorcycles (and hot guys and girls), but I’m really more interested in riding that area.

I’m getting too old to party all night and be functional the next morning!  I know I could do it short term, but I don’t want to push the envelope when it comes to riding a motorcycle.  I don’t understand how anyone can do it, and I’m in no way, shape, or form in any position to judge.  I just know that I can’t do it and am not willing to risk it.  

So when the opportunity presented itself to do the ride outside the rally and I know I have a safe place to say (without costing me an arm and a leg)—it’s going to happen!!  Yippee!!!

I suppose I got to get those darned frames now…lol.

Keep the shiny side up!!

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