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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The HOGcast

This is really cool.  Seems that Winchester, VA Harley Owner’s Group broadcasts a Podcast on their goings on.  I happened upon Terry on Frappr! one afternoon when I was surfing the site looking for ways to e-connect.

Frappr! is a great e-community.  Someone here in Colorado told me about the Yamaha Group on Frappr!  It’s a large community and everyone is really helpful in answering any questions about Star Motorcycles.  

Out of curiosity I looked for a Harley Frappr! and there Terry is.  It has about 45 members and I thought it was a hoot that there were no women.  I gave him a shout out and get the designation of being the first woman in the group and Terry was kind enough to put a blurb in his Podcast about it.

If you have iTunes you can subscribe to the Podcast there and listen to it at your convenience.  If not, he has a blogger site.  You can get the feed from there as well.

Keep the Shiny Side Up…and Frappr on!!

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