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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Hey, It's Me!

Greg was true to his word…my pic is posted in his magazine….CycleCrossroads

If the link takes you to the main page, I’m under Departments—Bikes-Babes-Dude.

Made two of the three criteria:  I’m a girl and there’s a bike…

I could use a dude on occasion <wink>….

I’ll be there for a week…kewl beans!

There’s some pretty informative stuff in the pages, take a peek.  Oh, and sign up for the newsletter.  

I’m thinking I need a new pic.  Hmmmm…maybe in the spring (meaning when it warms up), I’ll get the gang of girls to get gussied up, clean the bikes, and take some new cool pics.  

Keep the shiny side up, all!!

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