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Thursday, February 23, 2006

The next DIY project is….

Leafing my crash bar. I didn’t get the engine guard with my bike, but discovered that there was one hanging in my garage that fit! No, Santa didn’t leave's a remnant of my ex. He and his bike are history.

Before you get your shorts in a wad, he doesn’t need it any more. He sold his bike and I doubt that it will look good on his Taurus.

It is pretty banged up and has road rash from a drop, but I think it will look cool if I leaf it in the same way that I did my primary cover. I’ve gotten the guard sanded and since we are up to 49 degrees today, I will primer the bar in a bit.

Primer, then sand. Apply bonding agent, then put the leafing material on. I’ll clear coat as well.

Well, off to prime….

1 comment:

Marty said...

That will be some FatBoy when your done with her.............. Keep up the good work.