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Thursday, February 16, 2006

The Future of Motorcycling

I had to put this in because it is just too cute!!!

My son loves my motorcycles…if I’m out wrenching he’s always bringing me the various tools that I need. If I’m polishing, he’ll grab a rag and go and polish the other bike. If I’m working on the V-Star, he’ll tell me “mom, I am going polish Mr. Chubbs so he’ll be clean too”. Or vice versa.

Of course, after the bike starts, it’s a different story. He’s still afraid of the noise. That will change in time and before I know it he’ll be on the back and then, eventually ride.

So right now, I enjoy him. I normally don’t post photos of my son but since you can’t see his face, I can’t resist. That’s my boy (and I’m darned proud of him)!!

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KT Did said...

Hi Christine, Just came upon your blog. I ride too. Just started actually May, 2005. My stories are on my blog: KT Did--- Seems we like the same background in the love of Harleys, however you have been at it for quite a long time. I am the only one out of the girls I ride with that doesn't have kids and I admire that in the moms & g'mas getting on the ride. I love riding, its been quite the addition to my life these days...looking forward to reading more.
KT Did