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Saturday, February 11, 2006

MSR February Meeting

Wow! What a great turn out! I wasn’t late either <smile>…….and managed not to knock over various trays…..ha ha ha. I was late to January’s meeting and in my haste to get in and get seated, I knocked over the server’s tray.

I had too much ice in my cul-de-sac so I headed out to the meeting in the mom-mobile. was really cold this morning!!

Barb filled us in on the status of the Women in Motorcycle Conference. They did secure a place, which is great. The next meeting is on Monday and I think I’ll take a run down to see what I can do to help.

No one rode in today (not even Sandy) and we cancelled our impromptu ride. The cold plus the ride out to Palmer Park for Tim’s funeral was on deck so we had a lot going on.

The Ladies of Harley are having their Leather and Lace Ball tonight. I have other plans, but I’m sure it will be the typical LOH/HOG party! You can draw your own conclusion—leather, lace, harley guys and gals……….<smile>.

I hear the weather is supposed to be clear and in the mid 50’s…..if it is I think a few of us are going to get out and ride a couple of miles tomorrow.

Keep the shiny side up (and stay warm)….

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