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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Biker Chicks Eat At Joe’s

Friday Night. Joe’s Crab Shack. Thirty motorcycle women. Scary.

Our riding group’s monthly family dinner night was this past Friday night. Any excuse seeing my fellow Heaven’s Devils, eh?? LOL.

Okay, it wasn’t exactly thirty women…there were some of the male support members in attendance. Oh, and one slightly bewildered teenage boy………….I’m giving him a mention simply because he took some good-natured ribbing and wasn’t too embarrassed when the conversation went on the trashy side…

<Gasp> Women motorcycle riders talking trashy? Oh no, oh no, oh no…the image of the traditional biker chick reputation is forever ruined!!!! Actually, if we didn’t take the conversation south of PG-13, then something is definitely wrong!!

All right, back to the dinner. It was definitely a hoot! Joe’s Crab Shack has a balloon artist and it took him a couple of skeptical glances before he got the courage to ask if anyone might be interested in a balloon sculpture. I just felt the need for a hat, which I’m wearing in the photo at the top. Taunya got the princess model…with a twist. Intentional or not the balloon guy made her this cool hat and left about six inches of the pink balloon sticking up. So she got a cute balloon hat that looked like it had an errr….well, it was a guy and it was happy. ‘Nuff said. I guess it was a good think I had no pink balloons as I had them sticking out in every which direction, huh???

The jokes in there, I just gotta keep it clean for the google ‘bots. If you don’t get it, e-mail me and I’ll explain it to you.

The folks at Joe’s occasionally take a dance break or have a contest. The wait staff divided the restaurant up into four teams (we were our own team) and had a contest to the song of The Village People’s YMCA. My goofy hat and I were up in front dancing to the YMCA! I had to work that hat you know—Jeanne said she’d deny knowing me if I wore it to Southside Johnny’s. I don’t know why…..*I* thought it was a pretty cool hat. Besides, how many people you know walk around with latex on their head? Uhhhhhh…….never mind.

You know, them google ‘bots. He he he.

Sigh, I keep getting off track.

We had fun. Dinner was typical Joe’s fare. The thing that made dinner fabulous was our fellowship. I think we have a phenomenal group. There’s a lot of diversity—money, education, social backgrounds, cultural, religion--you name it…it’s there. The one thing that holds us together is our love for the motorcycles and the fact that we love to ride. We have a good time together. I can’t speak for them, but I have a good time when I see everyone. It was good to see some long lost faces—Rodney, Chris, and Don…and there were some members I had never met. It was fantastic to finally meet the live version!!!

Oh, we lost the contest. I guess we were disqualified when we started yelling “we want free beer”….I think we scared them away….either that or it was my awful dancing. Oh well, it was fun!

Sandy won the balls of steel contest. She and her friend were the only two that rode--in the cold at night with the ice and snow on the ground. You go girl!!!

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