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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Women on Wheels® Colorado Mileage Contest

The gauntlet has been thrown down from the Denver Chapter of Women on Wheels.  They think they are going to beat us in accumulated miles ridden?

Alright I’ll quit laughing…..  

In talking to the various members in our Chapter, it’s amazing to hear how many miles have accumulated already.  Sandy already has over 1,800 miles on her new Honda Sabre (or Spirit; I remember it’s an 1,100cc bike)!  I see or hear Stamps, Unsupported, Sweet Cheeks, Scooter Gurl, The Blonde Smoothie, Hoot, The Teacher, Miss Kaybee, Del, Corrie, and Kim,  are out every weekend!!   I know that Amazon rides to work.  Not to mention that I’m already close to pushing 2,000 miles for the month of April and one weekend left to go!!

Then there are the other members:  Christine E, Reyna, Wendy (and her red hot new trike), Dorothy, and the whole gang that I know are out riding.  

Not to mention that I have my huge vacation ride in June.  I start out in Estes Park and ride down to the Four Corners and back.  I can’t wait to ride the route!  

Not to mention the fact that we have several members doing the cross country trip.  

Whooohoooooo!!!!  I love it….we are going to beat the tires off the Colorado Gold.

Keep the Shiny Side Up!

~The Rainbow Wahine

PS….think there’s a bit of a competitive streak in me?

PPS….lets see if Stamps figures out who she is.   And I hear that we got a new moniker for a certain red-headed rider.  Sugar Britches?  And you think I wasn’t paying attention *big grin*.


ellopez said...

2k in one month??? you go girl. but then, i don't have to tell you that.

Christine said...

LOL...and loving it I am!!

Gymi said...

I bet you put on more miles in a month than the Denver Women on Wheels members put on in a year. Go get 'em.


Christine said...

Well, the Denver riders are pretty hard core. But then again, we are too!!