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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Try This Only If You Have No Sense

I was riding down Powers Boulevard the other day in my van to pick up my son from his dad’s home. It was a beautiful day and there were many motorcycles out. I had ridden that day as well and wistfully wished I could continue to ride the remainder of the daylight out.

Isn’t that the way life is? Even though I average between 200 and 500 miles per weekend, I wish I could have more!! I’m having a mad love affair and can’t get enough. My great love is a vehicle that has two wheels and a rumbly motor!!

At any rate, I’m driving south and I see a pack of sport bikes out. I think sport bikes are cool and would ride one if the opportunity presents itself. I’ve never been on the back of a sport bike either as a rider or passenger. I’m afraid if I rode one, I’d be hooked!

While I pass this colorful group of bikes, I notice one that looks odd. Odd as in why do I see both feet and legs of this rider on the right hand side of the bike?

HOLY !@#$%^&*(, this rider is basically riding this bike side saddle. Not only that, he has both feet about three inches off the ground!! WHAT?!?!?!?! The guy behind him was also riding a bit strangely; both of his legs were up in the air in a “V” shape.

Rider #2 got brief consideration…he can put his feet back down fairly quickly if necessary. Rider #1? Well, I think he’s basically SOL. Not only was he in a position which was impossible to reach his rear brake, what happens if his foot slips and catches pavement?

Not only that, he’s keeping pace with traffic, so he’s at least doing the speed limit—which on that stretch of the highway is 50 MPH!

If this guy was a professional stunt rider, I’d still be concerned. Powers is a major north/south thoroughfare and there were a large amount of vehicles on the road. I don’t have much issue with the idiot rider if he gets hurt—he was the one being stupid. However, to not ride responsibly and be the cause of an accident where a driver will have to live with the guilt of hitting a motorcyclist is too much.

We gripe often enough of cagers that don’t pay attention to motorcyclists. This one is full on the motorcyclist.

In the state of Colorado the fine for riding on a public road in a wheelie is $1.500. I don’t see too many wheelies anymore. The fine alone is $1,500. That doesn’t include the other charges of reckless driving or what ever the police official wants to throw at you.

Instead of wheelies, I see this. I’m pretty upset because of the energy that is expended to defend the safe riders of the world gets dashed because of reckless behavior like this. If the rider wants to stunt ride, I have no issue with that. Just do it on a private track, a private parking lot, or if the rider has need to ride Powers….do it at 3 AM when there’s no traffic!!

I’m not hammering the sport bikers...this guy happened to be on a sport bike. Yes, he was in full riding gear but hitting the pavement in full leathers, gloves, full faced helmet and boots isn’t going to do much if he gets run over by a car or bounces a couple of times on the asphalt.

What’s worse is had this rider gotten into an accident, it would have made our local newspaper and the folks in the Moral Majority Network of our community would have been on this like ……..well, you fill in the blank.

I know if that were my son, I’d have taken that motorcycle away from him and revoked all driving privileges for an undetermined amount of time. That showed no respect as a representative of the motorcycling community at all whatsoever.

For once, I was glad I wasn’t on the back of a motorcycle. That was just plain stupid and irresponsible.


James said...

Having that music on your page is getting annoying. I was listening to music and then yours came on and I had to scroll all the way to the bottom to turn it off. It took me a while to find it. Just my 2 cents.

Christine said...

Yeah, I'm finding that too, since I normally have iTunes on...LOL...And having this page open do the work on it!!!

ellopez said...

i guess the music must be off now, because i don't hear as to the love of motorcycling, i understand completely. At the end of every one of my rides, i contemplate passing the destination in order to keep on flying. as to your sport bike nuts, ahh to be young and fearless again. Now, if only the press would blame the rider and not the bike. Riders crash, not bikes...anyhooo, i dig your stories and look forward to the next one...

Christine said...

I just set the music to not start's still there. You just have to scroll down to the bottom. I had been losing web traffic, so I'm thinking this probably is impacting my traffic.

Young and fearless..true...I'd be young again if I could..never really was fearless especially when it comes to stupidity.