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Monday, April 03, 2006

In Search of a Purple Corvette

I had a chance yesterday to get out and ride a bit. The wind was blowing full force…one of March winds thing, I suppose. Except it is April. I’m not splitting hairs; since it is warm enough to get out without four layers of clothing!

I got a ride invite with some fellow HOG members and decided to head out with them. They were kind enough to meet me on “my” side of town since I was just coming in from church.

Yes, this motorcycle rider in red goes to church. I even sing in the chorus!! LOL. Well, it can not be all about motorcycles, right? Err…it can, since I’ve been known to show up for church on my Fatboy! I just had a chorus performance to give Sunday morning, so I went down in my Odyssey.

Quit laughing…my ‘other’ vehicle is a mini-van.

Oh, let me get back on track. My friends were kind enough to meet me close to my house and when I pulled up to the meet point, they were complaining about the wind.

“Let’s leave your side of town, Christine, this wind is too much”.

Uhhh….okay. The direction for the day is south and we’ll stop in Pueblo for lunch and then ride up to Penrose and back. Great, it’s a nice day for a ride!

We make our way south and take a short break to regroup—in front of Pike’s Peak International Raceway. Great!! A photo op!

Since the Scavenger Hunt is in full swing and I missed so many opportunities yesterday, I’m going to take them now as I get them. So I ask to take the shot with PPIR in the back. It’s an important photo since PPIR was closed and sold and will be torn down. I wanted to get the photo before it disappears. Rumor has it that the bleachers have been sold and will be taken out very soon.

PPIR in the background

While I’m shooting my photo, my riding friends get the scoop on what I’m doing. Phil fills them in on the 411. I was surprised that he knew as much as he did....but then again, he’s friends with Christine E (I’m Christine F.). I had forgotten that they took the Experienced Rider’s Course yesterday afternoon.

Phil looked at me and said, “Hey, Christine, I know where a purple corvette is and it’s close by”. COOL BEANS! Let’s go!

Our group takes off and five minutes down the road I find myself surrounded by Corvettes. Phil is beaming because he knows I’m in search of this car and he’s proudly pointing it out....

Except it’s not purple.

It’s a gorgeous deep red/burgundy and I’m thinking that this car matches my Fatboy nicely!!!

Grrrr…Phil, it’s not PURPLE!!

The Fatboy and The Corvette--IT IS NOT PURPLE!!

Phil says “It’s close enough”.

It’s not even close.

This particular ranch boards horses, has cattle and corvettes. Pretty cool. Evidently, the president of the Colorado Corvette Club resides here and we get a chance to see if I can locate one.


It appears that he knows of ONE purple corvette in the state of Colorado and it’s owned by a company “way up in the mountains”. Great. I put the impossible thing to find on the list. Honestly, I knew it would be a tough find and put the challenge up for everyone. We’ll see what happens.

Anyone out there own a purple corvette? Drop me a line and the Harley rider in red may come out to visit.

Actually, I have a work-around, but I want to see if I can find the darn thing. It’s a Christine thing, you know??

I shoot the image even though it won’t count since I had to ride down a dirt road to get to the car. No worries, I get my image with the cows, so it’s all good.

Can anyone say steak? Yummmm

We give thanks to the folks at the ranch for the interruption and head out to lunch. Life returns to normal and we visit and have a good time.

For the record, it was just as windy south as it is in my neck of the woods.

Our ride was cut short because of our goofing off, so we head back after lunch instead of up to Penrose. Since I get back earlier than expected, I have the opportunity to ride around town and scrounge up some more photos for the Scavenger Hunt.

That’ll be the next post.

Keep the Shiny Side Up!

~The Rainbow Wahine


kaybee said...

DANG YOU RAINBOW WAHINE! You're making me JEALOUS! Getting all these items for the scavanger hunt! I'd best get busy this week to catch up AND SURPASS you! (guess you'd best come up with some more scavanger hunt items to add to the list. at this rate, you'll have it completed by June 1st.) Looks like you're having fun - and where exactly "in the mountains" is this purple corvette?

Christine said...

He he he...Miss Kaybee...nah...I entered all my stuff in the spreadsheet and have a total of a whole 230 points!!! With 3,500+ points a long way to go!!

Looking for that purple corvette!!

Betty said...

I just can't believe all the great stuff you are finding!!! I, too, have had thoughts on how to find the purple corvette but didn't realize how hard it will be to find. Once you get going it seems there is stuff on the list all over the place. I just hope to get the opportunity this summer to get way out in the state to find some really cool items. Good luck to all.

Marla Singer said...

My friend has a purple corvette! He was thinking of selling it recently - the bright bright purple, there were only 1100 made or something. it even has the yellow seats (optionally)

lol. not sure if he's looking to sell. but wanted to let you know that there *are* people who own them and you might get lucky. ;)