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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

It’s the Foxy FOXC

If you notice (and someone hasn’t commented at this point), I have a vanity tag on my Fatboy. I had been kicking around the idea to put vanity tags on my bike since a girlfriend has one on hers. Hers is MYLF…which according to her innocent explanation to the folks down at the Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles stands for My Life.

Heh. All of us that know her better know it doesn’t stand for that. I’ll let you figure it out.

At any rate, my tag is simple, it’s FOXC. Most assume that it’s a variation of FOXY—this is my substitution since the latter was taken. However, it’s not true. Actually it’s my name. Last name, first initial. I thought it was cute and pretty funny. Like one of those thar sinnonims or antinims or costonants or what have you (ha ha ha). I was surprised that it was still available.

Not that I’d want to publish my tag for all the free world…but it is available for everyone to look at when I’m driving down the road so what the hey. Besides, my six very large dogs and arsenal of weapons keep me warm and protected. I *did* learn somethin’ by living in Louisiana ya know!!

Had it not been FOXC, I’d have done Wahine. I think I would have confused more people than not, but hey, maybe someone would be paying attention to the motorcycle ahead of them when stopping…HEY IT’S A MOTORCYCLE!!

On a short note, KT is no longer a horn virgin. She found her horn and used it appropriately!! Evidently the dreaded cell phone in a car user tried to run her over. I’m sure the phone cell user was trying to bring world peace among the mad hatters of the world.

And her PINK-PINK skid lid!! OMG!!! I WANT ONE!!! LOL…Jeanne would flip for sure. Actually, I’d settle for shiny red, but pink’s good.

Enough of my blibbering.

From the Motorcycle Rider in Red~

~The Rainbow Wahine

1 comment:

ellopez said...

however it's spelled you are one foxz rider and heads will turn when you are puttin', no doubt...