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Thursday, April 20, 2006

When Gas Gets to $6 Per Gallon, We Quit Riding?

Thanks to Steve at Biker News Online for giving me the heads up about this article from Nationwide Insurance regarding motorcycle use for commuting. Steve provides a link to the pdf article and I did find the reprint at Insurance Journal as well.

Nationwide did a survey on motorcycle use and the results are unsurprisingly predictable. Thirty five percent of motorcycle riders plan on riding their bikes due to the increase in gas prices.

That makes sense, doesn’t it?

Further down in the article is the comment “Motorcyclists are so passionate about their fuel-efficient bikes they indicated they will pay $3 to $4 more per gallon before they stop riding….” That doesn’t make much sense to me. Does this mean that when gas hits seven or eight dollars per gallon that they’ll stop riding? Then what? Walk? Take the bus? Or go back to their cages?

The article then goes on to say that male motorcycle riders invest over $7,000 in accessories and performance upgrades—which is the highest amount spent in all “powersport” sectors.

You mean to tell me, the average motorcycle rider will spend over $7,000 to put bling and vroom on their bike but draws the line at riding when the price of gas doubles? That doesn’t make much sense to me.

The article talks about having adequate insurance coverage on motorcycles. I’m not sure if I interpreted the message of the article correctly, but possibly that riders are willing to pay for upgrades but don’t worry about their coverage?

Of course, insurance coverage is very important and everyone should have more than adequate coverage. Having proper coverage is more important than having more shiny stuff on your bike, but hey, it’s more like the choice of deciding whether or not a rider wears a helmet and protective gear—it’s their choice.

They don’t mention how many automobile drivers are underinsured, either. Especially in light of increasing gas prices. I wonder how much coverage gets sacrificed when it starts costing over $150 to fill up a full-sized SUV???

While I’m not crazy about the increase in gas prices since I drive more than I like due to my son being too little to ride on the back, I’m glad to see that motorcycling is seen as an alternative to gas reducing fuel consumption. It raises awareness of riders on the street and makes the sport more acceptable in “mainstream” America.

I somehow doubt that I’ll come off the back of my bike if gas hits $6 or $8 per gallon. I’m thinking I’ll quit going to the movies, eating out, buying bottled water, and turn off the cable that I never watch. Not come off the back of my bike, that’s for sure.

Keep the Shiny Side Up!

~The Rainbow Wahine


James said...

Here in CA they say almost 50% of cars eithther have no insurance or do not meet the legal requirements. If you ride, try to get the underinsured motorist coverage.

Christine said...

Yeah, I hear ya...can't afford the insurance and now the gas...hmmm..maybe there's something there...and reducing gas one can afford it!!!

Grey Biker said...

I will ride the harley more as gas prices go up. Still a good deal. Beats a cage.

KT Did said...

James is right... but we never hear of those things...Nice post Christine, think I'd have to turn a helmet in or two before I quit riding too.