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Monday, April 03, 2006

Scavenger Hunt Adventures: Chapter Two

Since I had a few extra hours to ride on Sunday…I took full advantage of the opportunity to scrounge more points for our Scavenger Hunt!

It was pretty breezy Sunday and had a couple of big gusts. Don’t you hate it when you are riding and see the big dust cloud blowing over the road?? It was that bad on occasion.

I’m riding south of Powers in search of a massage parlor. I think it’s the only time in my life that I actively sought a massage parlor! What luck, right next door was a liquor store so it was a matter of pulling around the corner and snatching that photo!

Someone want to explain the difference between the "Oriental Spa Massage" vs. a "regular" spa? Errr..nevermind *grin*!

I marked those two off my handy dandy item sheet and looked at what was next. Church, mattress store, ice cream shop….okay. Go!

As I head north, I spot the Imax Theater. Gosh, the movie theater!! I pull off Powers and make the turn into the shopping center and look for potential parking spots to shoot an image.

Thank goodness for handicap ramps because I saw the perfect spot to shoot—right in front of the box office. I pull up amongst the pedestrians and into right smack into the courtyard. Get off my bike, take my picture, remount, crank the Harley and ride off. What great fun! Putting the Fatboy into a place that it normally isn’t supposed to go! The picture was a great image too.

I went to check it off my list. It isn’t there.

There's no movie theater on the list!


What?!?!?! This isn't on the list??

As I was waiting to pull out of the parking lot, two police cars pass me. I know that police car is on the list, so I pull out behind them and follow. All the while praying for a red light so I can speak to one of the officers. As luck would have it, I got a red light and struck up a conversation:

Me: Excuse me, officer, I need a little help.

Officer: Yes, ma’am.

Me: I’m doing a scavenger hunt for my riding club and one of the items is a police car. Is there anyway I can get a picture of you, your car and my motorcycle?

Office: Sure, follow me!

I pull in after the police car and sure enough he pulls into the parking lot and I snap the pic!!

One of my fellow riders passes by on the street and instantly knows what I’m doing--*I* pulled over a police officer!!!

Can you beat this??

What’s even funnier is that he was a cutie and I’ve discovered a great way to pick up guys!!!

I can see it now, guys and girls running around town….”excuse me, I’m doing a scavenger hunt…….can you help me”?

For the record, I didn’t pick him up.

What’s even wilder is that I spotted the security guard when I was at the mall and figured he’d be more than cooperative. I pull up beside him and put on my most nicest voice and ask.

I get turned down.

Now isn’t that hysterical? The official police are more than happy to help, but rent-a-cop can’t????

I get my images downloaded and the data entered on my spreadsheet. I figure I had a lot of points. I have 230 out of 3,550. Seems I got a long way to go, eh??

I *did* manage to locate a purple corvette and hope to get that image shot this weekend. I’ll bet dollars to donuts I will *smile*.

Never did get that church either, but I did locate the coffeehouse. Of course, THOSE are on every corner of the USA.......

Coffee, anyone?

Stay tuned for the next chapter of the Scavenger Hunt Adventures!!

Keep the Shiny Side Up!

~The Rainbow Wahine

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KT Did said...

This all cracks me up!!! How fun this must be for all of you to do. I love reading about it and look forward to rest of the infamous scavenger hunt!