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Monday, April 03, 2006

Scavenger Hunt: Day One

Saturday, April 1, was the first day of the 2006 riding contest of the Mountain Shadow Riders. Of course, the gang and I were out riding in the April Fools Day Poker Run put on by the Strike Zone in Palmer Lake.

Our Gang of Misfits

The ride was fun (as evident in my last post) and frustrating. It was frustrating to ride by things on the list and not be able to stop and take a photo! I just pointed at them as we rode by. The ones in the group that knew what I was doing understood. The others thought I was crazy.

With the ride over and a bit of food in our bellies, talk turned to the ride and then the ride contest.

Hey, wait…we are in a bowling alley….isn’t that on the list??

Why yes it is!

I excitedly run out the door and start snapping pics of my bike in front of the bowling alley. Cool Karla walks out—carrying a lime green bowling ball.

10 Bonus Points in Front With a Bowling Ball

LOL…a photo with your bike in front of the bowling alley with a bowling ball is an additional 10 points! We end up passing the ball around to all riders.

In the meantime, Jill had called hubby to come and pick her and her bike up. Jill is a new rider and has NEVER ridden in the rain. Well, if she hangs out with us, she will!! Another rider comes in and asks for Jill. Jill responds and he asks her “did you order a trailer”? TRAILER?!?!?!?

Another run out of the bowling alley whooping and hollering. There’s a rule in the contest if we catch another rider trailering instead of riding we deduct their points and add to the trailer-trash catching photo snapper. Jill’s a bit upset since she thinks she’s going to lose major points. She’ll lose some, but not a whole lot.

By that time the organizers of the run are questioning why we are carrying on like we are. Karla explains the Scavenger Hunt contest and shows them the list. One of the ladies sees the fire station on the list and her eyes light up! They support the local fire station in Palmer Lake and IT’S RIGHT ACROSS THE PARKING LOT!

They call over and ask if we can bring our bikes around and get photos taken. The fire fighters over at the Tri-Lakes Monument Station are more than accommodating—the roll up the doors, roll out an engine so we can drive our bikes right up into the station and take as many photos as we want!! We get extra points for a fire man and double extra points for a fire woman—they have both!! They got in the spirit of things and even geared up for us!

Tri Lakes Station in Monument--Our Heroes

I was touched that they were so accommodating to our cause. It was raining outside and they rolled one of their engines outside in the rain.

It was great fun and a wonderful experience!

Oh, except The Blonde Smoothie. She had to ride her bike back to the Springs due to an emergency and came back up in her cage so no points for her!! Well, she shouldn’t gripe…..she won money in the poker contest!!!

I did get the pic of the Fatboy in the rain so there are more points. Only thing was I didn’t put my raingear on. I’m sure it won’t be the last time I get caught in the rain!!

Keep the Shiny Side Up!

~The Rainbow Wahine

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