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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

So It Isn’t a Purple Corvette…

But it is on my Scavenger Hunt List!

I had been promising my friend and fellow support member Kat to come down and hang out with her Mustang group. They get together with the other car enthusiasts of our fair city and show off their cars.

Chrome, engines, and tricked out cars! What fun!!

I pulled up to the Grocery Warehouse on Powers and find it full of great cars! The new cars are neat, but so are the old ones! I even saw a burgundy ’73 Pontiac Ventura! I take note of the automobile since my high school sweetheart drove that particular make and model and that brought back some wonderful memories!!

Kat was wonderful introducing me to her fellow Mustangers and they are a fun group! As I was visiting and looking at the cars, my fellow MSR and former chapter director Chris E. pulls up on her Heritage Softail. Chris and I will hang out on occasion, but I’ve never had the opportunity to visit with her in any real depth.

As we are talking, we are watching the cars pull in. Lo and behold this gorgeous red sports car pulls into the lot. Hmmmmm….Chris and I look at each other and I read the expression her face: “is that a Ferrari”?

We tear off across the parking lot on foot and chase this guy down. Yeah, two biker babes chasing down a red sports car! How funny is that? We flagged him down and ask the question: we need a picture of your Ferrari with our motorcycles, can you help?

Except it’s not a Ferrari.


It’s a Lamborghini.

Funny, the owner laughs and says, “no problem, I can go home and get the Ferrari and bring it down if you want”.

Boy, do we ever “want”!

Gee, I thought *I* had a dilemma when I was deciding on which motorcycle I was going to ride!! Hmmm…should I drive the Ferrari or will it be the Lamborghini today? *Smile*. I only wish I had THAT problem!!

Mr. Chubbs amongst the coolness

He was good to his word and brought the Ferrari down for us to shoot. What a nice man for going through all that trouble for two middle-aged crazy women.

So while it’s not a purple corvette, it solves my problem of riding up to the Ferrari dealership and pleading my case. I’ll still have to ride up to Denver (hint-hint for those of you who are playing in the Scavenger Hunt and read this blog) it won’t be for the Ferrari!

Oh, and the plan is shaping up that I’ll have the purple Corvette image on Thursday.

Won’t that be a hoot??

Items for this week: A Ferrari, the red building, snow, a ranch sign, a bar, and heavy construction equipment. Not as many as last week, but as Miss KayBee hinted: I need to pace myself!!


Misses: I did find the dude that wears the sh*t kickers, rode down to Southside Johnny’s, found the adult bookstore….and left my camera at home……..bummer!! Not only that, but I followed a horse trailer with a horse in it for a few miles. Too bad I was riding, LOL!!!

Keep The Shiny Side Up!!

~The Rainbow Wahine


Betty said...

Hey Christine,

Save some stuff for the rest of us (LOL). I did get a photo of the firewoman today (yea!!), in front of the fire truck she was driving!! I got the adult bookshop, Hercules Beetle statue, No Parking sign, Ice Cream shop and rider eating ice cream (yum) and Riverwalk, policeman with his car, plus a bunch more. I do know you're way ahead of me, but I will catch up (LOL). This is so much fun *smile*.

Christine said...

Maybe you've already caught me......

I'm glad you are having fun...that's what it's all about!!

Betty said...

Oh, I don't know about that (the "caught up" part). But when you see some of the photos you will see why it took me a little longer (remember, extra points for creativity). I've got some ideas up my sleeve, hmmmmm...

Christine said... I can't wait to see the photos.....