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Monday, April 17, 2006

Sunday Run—Riding the Twisties

Since our Saturday ride was cancelled due to the nasty weather, we decided to get out for a ride on Sunday. The ride was a long one: 360 miles by Karla’s estimation. The riders for the day are Karla, Del, Corrie, and me. We are to pick Jeanne and Sonya on the way and possibly Phil and Steve were to join us later in the route.

We set out at 9:00 AM. It’s a brisk and beautiful Sunday morning!! Whooo hoooooo!! I get voted to lead. I understand Karla doesn’t want to lead since she does most of the time. So I agree to take it until we get to Sky Line Drive.

We decide to take I-25 down to Hwy 115 and I’m leading the way. When it’s time to exit the interstate, my motorcycle dies. Great. Now what? I pull off to the shoulder and do a visual check. I’m not panicked—yet—although I’m mentally thinking many many profane words!

What I did was flipped the kill switch when I signaled to get over. I’m glad it was a simple problem, but I’m wondering if this is an indication of things to come. If it is; then it’s going to be a long day!!

We pick up Jeanne and Sonya at the designated spot, organize into our riding order and talk about our next stop: Sky Line Drive in Canon City. I knew how to get to Canon City so I agreed to continue leading. Off we go!

The ride was uneventful. When we got the Canon City, Karla took over as leader. I have been past Sky Line Drive and have ridden it, but was unsure to its location. Karla took the lead at a traffic light stop and off we went.

I didn’t realize that she intended on riding Sky Line Drive: It is a really cool road on the top of a ridge. However it is a narrow drive, and has some serious hairpin turns. I also thought it was not completely paved. Mental note: ask my other girlfriend next time I talk to her. This time riding it—it was paved.

Taking a stop on Sky Line Drive

Another view of the!!!

We stopped up on the path and got to take in the view! Jeanne had never been up on the road and admitted to being a bit nervous. Of course, it’s understandable—we are up high, the road is very narrow and her daughter is on the back!! We take our time and of course, stop and enjoy the view!!

Up On Sky Line Drive
Isn't the Sky Gorgeous?? Isnt' this sign FUNNY??!?!?!

Back on the bikes and off we go. Before we head out, a group of tourists want to take their picture with us. I guess they wanted a photo with a group of bikers—LOL. Yeah, we are the stereotypical representative of bikers—if the only knew!! They didn’t speak English so beyond the basic “hello” and “can we take a photo”, we had no idea what their plan was.

Scavenger Hunt Photo Op: A rock bigger than my motorcycle

Next stop was Salida. This is a great road to ride—it’s full of twisties and runs along the Arkansas River and the view was gorgeous. I didn’t stop for photos—it was just too much fun to stop!!

Salida was also our lunch stop and there we discussed the rest of the ride. The plan was to head out to head south to Alamosa, make the Sand Dunes, Walsenburg then home. I was getting crunched for time, so Jeanne and I decided to split off and head north to Johnson Village, Florissant, Woodland Park then back to the Springs. We ate lunch, visited then said our goodbyes.

The ride back home was another gorgeous ride. I’d never ridden a portion of that route and Jeanne had, so she took the lead.

A stop along Hwy 24...snow still up on the mountains

We pulled in around 4:00. I still wanted to ride, but had other plans so I headed home.

I looked down at my odometer and was surprised at the mileage. I just turned over 9,100 miles. Considering I had my bike in the shop a little over three weeks ago; at the rate I’m putting on miles, it’ll be a few more weeks before I have to have Mr. Chubbs in for maintenance again. A total of six weeks between maintenance? I need to ride my Star some too….LOL.

Hope everyone had a Happy Easter!!!

Keep the Shiny Side Up!

~The Rainbow Wahine


KT Did said...

My hat's off to you Christine with this narrow road and hairpins.... looks like you all had a great ride... Spring has sprung!

Beaker said...

Sounds like a great ride - that feeling of not wanting to stop always means you had a good day in the saddle.

Christine said...

Absolutely..and the ride was super fun....the sight was worth the extra caution!!

Laurence said...

Just want to send a quick note and tell you that your blog has been included in Clutch and chrome's Blog Directory at Congratulations!!

Sorry to use your comment section to leave this message, but we couldn’t see an email address on your blog. Come and check out the new resource for riders featuring bike nights and events, latest news and articles. Email the editor at Clutch and Chrome, there’s a project we’d like you to be part of!

Christine said...

No worries...I have nothing to hide (except my cellulite, lol). I e-mailed the editor...thanks a bunch for getting me involved!!