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Monday, April 10, 2006

On Picking Up The Garbage--Good Riddance!!

One of the activities that the Mountain Shadow Riders does is highway beautification. Yes, it is all about picking up trash on the side of the road.

Not necessarily as fun as riding the twisties of Colorado, but it does provide fellowship and a chance to do some community service. The day was sunny and beautiful but gusty! It started out cold, but as I started working I appreciated the cooler breeze.

Karla, Mom, Dad, Betty, Jo Lynn, Wendy, Chris E., Cindy, Lisa, Kelly, Paul and I were the team for the Spring ’06 trash pickup. Jim and Loree joined up a bit afterwards. Late is better than not showing up!

It took us a couple of hours to do our mile stretch of highway. We have both sides of the road to do so we normally split up and work the road. Safety vests, gloves and the bright orange litter bags were the main features of the activity. Our stretch of highway is at higher elevation so there were some places on the roadway that still had snow on the ground.

Not a good thing to have to work around, but for that particular day it was a welcome find since it’s on the Scavenger Hunt list!! Yes, we all took pics of our motorcycles and the snow!!

The Mountain Shadow Riders tries to schedule at least two pickup periods per year. While I don’t necessarily enjoy the task at hand since I have to pick up after someone else’s carelessness, it also serves as reminder of the importance of not littering and I do get the satisfaction of playing a small part of giving back to the beautification of this gorgeous state in which I live.

Thank you to all the folks that participated! The more hands that help; the quicker the job gets done. In working side by side with the members, I strengthened my relationship with those that I ride with and see why I call them my friends. Not only for the commonality of riding, but the fact that they are some really terrific people.

Even when Sweet Cheeks gives me grief about my ex!!

If you are ever out on Highway 24 east of Colorado Springs, look for our sign and PLEASE don’t litter. If you happen to be tooling down that section of road and see a line of motorcycles pulled over on the side of the road, stop, say hi and lend us a hand!

Keep The Shiny Side Up!

~The Rainbow Wahine

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